Congress Leader Jairam Ramesh Vows To Protect Tribal Rights And Forests In Mizoram If Voted To Power

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Congress leader Jairam Ramesh has announced a significant promise in preparation for the upcoming Assembly elections in Mizoram.

He reportedly vowed that if the Congress comes to power, they will introduce a new Bill to safeguard the land, forests, and rights of the tribal people in the state.

This commitment comes in response to his criticism of the BJP government’s alleged modifications to the Forest Conservation Act during the recent monsoon session of Parliament.

Ramesh further emphasized that this proposed Bill, addressing matters within the concurrent list, would be presented for the President of India’s approval under Article 254(2).

Additionally, he criticized the Mizo National Front (MNF) for not taking action and accused them of aligning with the BJP’s interests.

He also expressed his skepticism about the Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM), stating that they lack a clear ideology and could potentially compromise with the BJP.

During a press conference, Ramesh asserted that voting for the MNF or the ZPM effectively supports the BJP’s influence in Mizoram, characterizing it as a three-horse race with the BJP acting as a “ghost party.”

Ramesh warned that the BJP is employing a strategy seen in other Northeastern states, where it collaborates with regional parties to gain power and concluded by stating that the MNF and BJP are two sides of the same coin, further highlighting the stakes in the 2023 Assembly elections in Mizoram.

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