Assam Police Issues Advisory For Safe And Green Diwali Celebrations

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In a bid to ensure a safe and environmentally conscious celebration during the upcoming Diwali festivities, the Assam Police has released a comprehensive advisory outlining specific guidelines for the use of firecrackers.

According to the advisory, individuals are authorized to burst only green crackers between the designated hours of 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Subsequently, a stringent prohibition on the use of sound-emitting firecrackers will be enforced from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

For a festive and eco-friendly celebration, only Indian-made green crackers are allowed. Anyone selling unauthorized ones could face legal consequences, ensuring a commitment to celebrating within the law, as per the advisory.

Moreover, these stringent measures are not limited to Diwali alone; similar restrictions have been articulated for Chhath Puja, Christmas, and New Year celebrations.

During Chhath Puja, the permissible time for bursting crackers is reportedly set from 6 AM to 8 PM.

For Christmas and New Year celebrations, the window for fireworks is from 11:55 PM to 12:30 AM.

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