Cherry Blossom Festival’s Sunday Schedule Set After 3 pm, Respecting Christian Worship

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In the midst of controversy surrounding the scheduling of the Cherry Blossom Festival on a Sunday, Leader of the Opposition Ronnie V Lyngdoh reassured the public that religious obligations were not being disregarded.

Emphasizing that attendance at the festival was voluntary and not compulsory, Lyngdoh urged a broader perspective, highlighting the event’s significance for attracting tourists.

Addressing concerns, Lyngdoh proposed that holding such festivities on weekends, spanning from Friday to Sunday, could draw larger crowds.

He further underscored the economic importance, stating that, given the limited revenue avenues for the State, tourism stands as a crucial means of revenue generation.

However, acknowledging the importance to abide by religious beliefs, Lyngdoh informed about the government’s directive to commence the festival after 3 pm on Sunday, ensuring it aligns with the conclusion of Christian worship.

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