Trafficked Minor Assam Girl Rescued In Gurgaon

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In a significant operation, a 16-year-old girl hailing from Assam’s Udalguri district has been rescued from Gurgaon after enduring a harrowing four-month trafficking ordeal.

Following the victim’s statement, authorities acted swiftly, apprehended two agents involved,belonging to Rajasthan and Delhi.

Reportedly, the rescued minor, belonging to an economically disadvantaged family, was lured with promises of a better future in Delhi.

Udalguri Superintendent of Police, Pushkin Jain, revealed that the arrested individuals were part of trafficking networks from outside the state, in different districts of Assam for the last couple of years with the help of some local links.

An investigation is underway to unveil further connections, as reported.

Notably, Social worker Ghritashri Bhuyan Narula played a pivotal role after the girl reached out for help, contacting her through someone else’s phone.

Narula reportedly spearheaded the rescue operation in Nathupur, Gurgaon.

As informed by Narula, the trafficker responsible for transporting the girl from Assam was absent during the rescue, having returned to Assam.

Moreover, Jain emphasized the modus operandi of traffickers, who exploit local connections to target financially vulnerable and less educated families with the allure of lucrative opportunities outside the state.

Highlighting the importance of education in combating trafficking, Jain underscored the active efforts of the anti-trafficking unit of Udalguri police.

Last month alone, the unit successfully rescued two trafficked women from Delhi and one from Bhopal, as reported.

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