Arunachal’s Nah Tagin Community Celebrates Seju Festival With Great Enthusiasm

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In a vibrant display of cultural unity and festive fervor, the Nah Tagin community recently celebrated the Seju festival with enthusiasm in the picturesque Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh.

Running from November 22 to 28, the festivities were marked by a rich tapestry of traditions, prayers, and communal spirit, as reported.

Adding a spiritual touch to the celebration, three lamas from the esteemed Tawang monastery reportedly led prayers at the Taksing gonpa, underscoring the cultural and religious significance of the occasion.

In addition, the Taksing garrison of the Indian Army played a pivotal role, extending wholehearted support by providing essential amenities such as accommodation, electricity, decorations, and heating facilities, as per reports.

The festival unfolded with a delightful blend of fun, frolic, and feasting, complemented by heartfelt prayers and cultural performances from local artists, as per reports.

Dressed in their vibrant traditional attire and adorned with ornaments, men and women of the Nah Tagin community reportedly engaged in spirited dancing, singing, and merrymaking.

Songs echoing the tales of human creation and evolution reverberated through the air as locals, joined by Indian Army personnel, gathered to pray for peace, good health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity for the region, as per sources.

Mentions must be made that the seju festival serves as a poignant expression of joy and harmony for the Nah Tagin community, a sub-tribe of Tagin, residing in the border village of Taksing.

Highlighting the unique cultural identity of the sub-tribe, the festival, traditionally observed in November or December, encapsulates the spirit of communal togetherness and spiritual fulfillment for the Nah Tagin community in this enchanting corner of the Upper Subansiri district.

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