Healthcare Crisis: Assam’s Family Forced To Carry Ailing Patient On Shoulders To Hospital

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Char Chapori, situated in Dhubri district, grapples with pressing healthcare issues, exposing residents to distressing circumstances.

Recent accounts shed light on the challenges faced, where patients from areas like Phulkakata Char, Pochar Char, Muthakhowa Char, and Mohurir Char undergo desperate measures due to limited healthcare access, as reported.

A poignant example narrated by a patient’s guardian reveals that failing to secure a passenger boat in time, the family embarked on a two-day journey, carrying the ailing patient on their shoulders. Financial strain worsened their predicament, making boat leasing unaffordable. After enduring three days of hardships, they reached the ghat, boarded a passenger boat, and admitted the patient to Dhubri Medical College and Hospital for crucial treatment.

Residents emphasised urgent need for improved medical infrastructure.

The situation is reportedly exacerbated during the Brahmaputra River’s seasonal fluctuations, making transportation even more daunting.

Beyond healthcare, Char Chapori contends with significant educational inadequacies, as per reports. With a population exceeding thirty thousand, the area has only one high school, contributing to a rise in child marriage cases.

While some argue that the government’s strict measures have curbed incidents like child marriage, concerns persist over the future prospects of young individuals who have completed their M.E. and L.P. school coursework.

The multifaceted challenges in Char Chapori highlight the necessity for urgent attention and holistic solutions to uplift the living conditions of its residents.

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