Three Women Clinch Wins In Mizoram Elections, Paves Way For Gender Diversity

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In a groundbreaking electoral milestone, Mizoram witnessed a historic triumph as three women secured victories in the recent assembly elections.

Baryl Vanneihsangi and Lalrinpuii, representing Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM), along with Prova Chakma from Mizo National Front (MNF), made history by clinching seats as Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), as reported.

Prova Chakma, the MNF candidate from West Tuipui constituency, reportedly secured victory with 6329 votes, edging past Nihar Kanti Chakma of the Indian National Congress (INC) by a narrow margin of 574 votes.

Baryl Vanneihsangi secured a commanding lead in Aizawl South 3 constituency with 9370 votes, surpassing former MLA F Lalnunmawia by 1,414 votes, as per reports.

Additionally, Lalrinpuii, the President of ZPM Southern headquarters and had previously contested unsuccessfully in the 2018 elections, emerged victorious in the Lunglei East assembly constituency with 5,641 votes, establishing a substantial lead of 1,646 votes.

Notably, Mizoram’s recent assembly elections marked a historic departure from the past, shattering a longstanding pattern. Since the commencement of assembly elections in 1972, only four women had previously served as MLAs. However, the current election created a groundbreaking moment, seeing the simultaneous election of three women as MLAs in a single electoral process.

This achievement is a significant step forward, signaling a positive shift towards enhanced representation and greater gender diversity in Mizoram’s political sphere.

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