Tripura: Enraged Crowd Ties Woman With Tree & Assaulted For Cheating On Husband, Police Intervene

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, January 03, 2023: In a shocking incident that took place at Tripura’s Bhagbannagar Doluchara area under Unakoti district on Tuesday, a housewife found herself at the center of a violent confrontation, resulting in her being tied to a tree. The incident was reported to the Kailashahar Women’s Police Station after assaulting her physically by the local residents.

Ruby Malakar, the wife of Apu Malakar and a resident of the area, allegedly had a prolonged illicit relationship with Uttam Sarkar, a young man and a relative of her uncle’s father-in-law, also residing in the same locality. Despite attempts at mediation, the situation had not been resolved, and locals claim that Uttam Sarkar has been involved in similar scandalous situations with multiple women in the past.

The conflict reached a boiling point when Apu Malakar confronted his wife over her relationship with Uttam Sarkar. Allegedly discovering them in an objectionable condition, Apu Malakar protested, leading to a physical altercation between him, Uttam Sarkar, and one of Sarkar’s friends. Apu Malakar sustained serious injuries in the altercation, prompting locals to rush to the scene upon hearing the commotion.

Uttam Sarkar managed to flee the scene, leaving an agitated mob to take matters into their own hands. Ruby Malakar, Apu’s wife, was subsequently tied to a tree by the enraged crowd. The incident was reported to the Kailashahar Women’s Police Station, prompting a swift response from the police.

The Kailashahar Women’s Police arrived at the scene, arrested Ruby Malakar, and apprehended a friend of Uttam Sarkar. Both were transported to the Kailashahar Women’s Police Station, where they are currently in custody.

The incident has fueled intense tension throughout the entire area, with residents demanding justice and a resolution to the escalating situation. The Kailashahar Women’s Police Station is conducting an investigation into the matter as they work to address the concerns of the community.

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