CPIM Politburo Member Manik Sarkar Raises Concerns Over Party’s Position, Advocates for INDI Alliance in Agartala

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, February 1, 2024: CPIM politburo member and former Chief Minister of Tripura, Manik Sarkar on Thursday expressed apprehensions about the party’s current standing. Sarkar, known for his vocal stance, not only criticized the RSS-backed BJP-led government in power but also made a noteworthy call for an alliance to combat the ruling party’s influence.

Addressing the gathering organized at Agartala Town Hall to mark the death centenary of Vladamir Lenin, Sarkar drew parallels between the present-day BJP government and the political landscape during the Emergency, claiming that the Janata Party emerged as a result of the National Congress split, with support from the RSS. He asserted that, at that time, the Congress wielded power at the center, reminiscent of the current BJP administration. However, he emphasized that the Congress has now entered the political arena with the goal of ousting the BJP from the country.

Sarkar underscored the continued relevance of Lenin’s teachings and urged their application in the present context. He called for a strategic approach to ensure the BJP’s defeat, advocating for the ideological separation of RSS-BJP from the public and their eventual defeat in the battle of votes.

Notably, while speaking on behalf of the INDI alliance, Sarkar downplayed concerns about Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s departure, stating that it would not adversely affect the alliance. He pointed out that the alliance comprises 27 political parties, expressing confidence in its resilience.

Political analysts are now speculating about the implications of Manik Sarkar’s statements on the future of the Indy alliance and the overall political landscape, considering his pivotal role in the CPIM and his influential standing in Tripura.

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