AICC Screening Committee Set to Assess Congress Party’s Ground Situation Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, February 02, 2024: In a crucial development, a five-member screening committee from the All India Congress Committee (AICC) is scheduled to arrive in the state for a comprehensive review of the party’s organizational dynamics in preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The committee is expected to touch down at MBB Airport in Agartala during the first week of February.

Sources within the Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) have disclosed that the committee, spearheaded by a senior AICC leader, aims to elevate the party’s electoral readiness to new heights.

A senior party official stated, “The committee, during its visit, will engage with party MLAs, TPCC members, as well as leaders at the District and Block levels. The objective is to gain a holistic understanding of the organizational landscape and to exchange perspectives on the impending Lok Sabha elections.”

The timing of the committee’s arrival is particularly noteworthy, given the underlying discontent within various party factions. The Congress faced challenges in the 2023 assembly elections, securing only 13 seats. Additionally, the party encountered discord from its ally, CPIM, during by-elections in two assembly constituencies, where CPIM announced candidate lists without prior consultation with Congress leaders.

With the Lok Sabha elections on the horizon, there appears to be a degree of confusion among Congress workers in rural areas regarding the party’s strategic direction. The uncertainty surrounding whether Congress will be permitted to field candidates in one of the two Lok Sabha seats adds to the prevailing ambiguity.

Furthermore, concerns have emerged over the silent dissent exhibited by Congress MLA Birajit Sinha and his faction, who have distanced themselves from party activities, with Sinha notably absent from the Congress office for an extended period.

In addition to assessing the party’s overall situation, the screening committee members are expected to attentively address internal dissenting voices, reflecting the party’s commitment to resolving internal issues ahead of the crucial elections.

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