Government Introduces Public Examinations (Prevention Of Unfair Means) Bill, In Lok Sabha 2024

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In a remarkable development, the Government introduced the Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair Means) Bill, 2024 in the Lok Sabha, today.

The Bill is reportedly intended to prevent unfair means in the public examinations.

Minister of State for Personnel, Dr. Jitendra Singh introduced the legislation, as reported.

Furthermore, the objective of the Bill is to bring greater transparency, fairness and credibility to the public examination systems and to reassure the youth that their sincere and genuine efforts will be fairly rewarded and their future is safe.

Notably, it is aimed at effectively and legally deterring persons, organized groups or institutions that indulge in various unfair means and adversely impact the public examination systems for monetary and wrongful gains.

Candidate as defined in the Bill will not ybe liable for action within the purview of the Bill and will continue to be covered under the extant administrative provisions of the concerned public examination authority, as per reports.

The Bill will reportedly serve as a model draft for States to adopt at their discretion. This will aid States in preventing criminal elements from disrupting conduct of their State level public examinations.

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