Nagaland All Set To Host 3rd North East Olympic Games (NOEG) From March 18 To 23

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In a significant sporting extravaganza, Nagaland is set to host the 3rd North East Olympic Games (NOEG) from March 18 to 23.

Organized by the Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA), the event will reportedly feature an array of 16 disciplines, showcasing the diverse athletic talents of the region.

Additionally, the NOA has curated an impressive lineup of sports, encompassing archery, athletics, boxing, badminton, basketball, lawn tennis, pencak silat, sepak takraw, table tennis, taekwondo, freestyle wrestling, belt wrestling, and wushu for both men and women.

However, cricket, football, and volleyball will be contested exclusively in the men’s category, as reported.

A noteworthy inclusion is the introduction of cricket for men, aligning with the global trend as cricket gains recognition as an Olympic sport.

Notably, Belt wrestling, a traditional and indigenous sport in Nagaland and other regional areas, will also make its debut, reflecting the organizers’ commitment to promoting cultural sports.

The NOA acknowledged logistical constraints in certain disciplines, leading to the exclusion of categories for both men and women. This decision was attributed to limitations in accommodation facilities and the availability of sports grounds.

Reportedly, the multi-faceted event will unfold across three districts – Dimapur, Kohima, and Chümoukedima.

Sports enthusiasts, athletes, and the general public are eagerly anticipating this grand spectacle, anticipating a harmonious blend of tradition, competition, and celebration during the 3rd North East Olympic Games in Nagaland.

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