Naharlagun Railway Station Grapples With Deplorable Hygiene Conditions, Passengers Demand Urgent Action

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In a disheartening scenario, Arunachal’s Naharlagun railway station, inaugurated in April 2014, is facing severe criticism due to its appalling hygiene conditions.

Visitors entering the station are reportedly met with an intolerable foul odor, compelling many to resort to facemasks for relief. The railway tracks, strewn with trash and plastic disposables, present a dismal picture of neglect. The dustbins on platforms and the foot overbridge connecting platforms are visibly unattended, exacerbating the overall uncleanliness.

Notably, the station features only a single set of general toilets for both males and females, alongside an equivalent set of accessible toilets for disabled individuals.

Shockingly, these facilities are left unattended, lacking basic amenities such as dustbins, buckets, or water, rendering them unfit for use and passengers are forced to utilize the toilets meant for disabled persons.

Despite a water facility in the accessible toilets, the cleanliness of these facilities is subpar, and the surrounding area is marred by open drains clogged with plastic and other rubbish, as reported.

As reported, numerous passenger complaints regarding foul odors and unclean conditions have been lodged, but to date, no substantial action has been taken to address the concerns.

When questioned, the assistant Station manager reportedly failed to provide a satisfactory response, merely stating that the station undergoes cleaning twice a day—morning and evening, before train departures.

With only three platforms and a limited number of trains, including four passenger trains originating from the station and a couple of goods trains, the Naharlagun railway station’s deplorable condition raises concerns about the overall maintenance and hygiene standards.

Passengers are now demanding urgent intervention to rectify the hygiene crisis plaguing the Naharlagun railway station, emphasizing the need for immediate action to ensure a clean and safe environment for all travelers.

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