Mizoram Celebrates Its 37th Statehood Day

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Aizawl, February 20 | The 37th State Day of Mizoram was celebrated across the state on Tuesday, with the main celebration held at Aizawl’s Vanapa Hall. Governor Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati graced the celebration of the 37th Mizoram State Day as the Chief Guest. Chief Minister Lalduhoma was the Guest of Honour.

On this auspicious occasion, Governor Dr Hari Babu Kambhampati congratulated the people of Mizoram on maintaining their reputation of being one of the most peaceful states in India for 37 years and still going strong. He briefly spoke about the events and the proceedings that led to the creation of Mizoram as the 23rd state of the Union of India by the State of Mizoram Act 1986 with a special status under Article 371 G to formally function as a full-fledged state on the 20th February 1987.

He also shared his appreciation of how exemplary the state and the people achieved in successful elections through the years and how dignified proceedings are followed in the House of its Legislative Assembly during sessions. The Governor stressed the importance of preserving peace and stability if the state is to progress further in all aspects. He also lauded how the announcement of the 100-day program is being pursued in full swing. In this regard, he further stated, “The farmer-oriented initiatives to promote homegrown produce, commitments towards improvement in health and education sectors, austerity measures to alleviate the State’s dwindling economy, stringent measures to curb corruption at all levels, dedication towards the combat of substance abuse – are all initiatives designed to take the State and its people to a whole new height”.

On this occasion, Lalduhoma, Chief Minister opened his address with a brief but detailed historical background on the creation of Mizoram as the 23rd state of the union of India. He also elaborated on the creation, nature, and uniqueness of the special provisions of Article 371 G; a special provision related to Mizoram that is being inserted in the Constitution of India.

He also underlined how Mizoram, as the state, was already lagging behind other states for 25 years on the day of its creation. He went further to state that during these 25 years, Mizoram missed out on all the progress and developments that came out with the 5 consecutive 5-year plans.

Since the state was a very late starter, the Chief Minister stressed that the state needed to walk faster and, most importantly, work harder than others to catch up. He also briefly hinted how his government will take all the necessary steps to promote growth and progress even if it takes making some hard decisions.

Chief Secretary Dr Renu Sharma chaired the official program of the Mizoram State Day Celebration 2024. All the officers with the rank of Under Secretary and above were invited to the function. Special invitees and other leading figures of the civil societies were also invited.

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