Nagaland: CTYO Calls For Strict Implementation Of Inner Line Permit In The District

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Expressing concerns over the rising number of non-indigenous people and illegal immigrants, Chümoukedima Town Youth Organisation (CTYO), has called for strict implementation of the Inner Line Permit.

The Organisation reported, despite the district being under the purview of ILP with effect from 1st August 2022, the mechanism has not been implemented in letter and spirit and called on the administration to ensure the enrolment of ILP is thorough and precise to the extent possible.

Moreover, the Organisation also observed that multiple elements have started to emerge again to collect tax causing hardships to the business community and general public of Chumoukedima Town.

To this, the CYTC reiterated on “One government, one taxation” declaration resolving to pay tax to only one entity.

The organisation therefore said it will not tolerate antisocial elements and strict action will be taken against those indulging in unlawful demands.

The CTYO also reiterated that it will not tolerate any activities that disrupt the peace of Chümoukedima town such as drinking in public places, substance abuse, rowdy, intoxicated behavior, loud music during the wee hours, and cautioned any such activities to be dealt strictly.

The Organisation further advised the general public to remain alert following many thievery cases being reported.

It also urged the business establishments to check their inventory for expired goods and refrain from selling such items or any items beyond the MRP.

Furthermore, the CTYO also requested the concerned department to check vehicles, especially motorbikes with retrofitted exhausts, and book the offenders as per the law.

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