Assam Cabinet Repeals 1935 Muslim Marriage & Divorce Registration Act In Pursuit Of Uniform Civil Code

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In a significant move, the Assam Cabinet has voted to repeal the long-standing Assam Muslim Marriage & Divorce Registration Act of 1935.

Cabinet Minister Jayanta Mallabarua, addressing the media, framed this decision as a crucial step towards achieving a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the state.

Under the repealed Act, 94 Muslim registrars were still functioning, overseeing the registration of Muslim marriages and divorces. Minister Mallabarua announced that all matters related to Muslim marriages and divorces would now fall under the jurisdiction of the Special Marriages Act. The authority for registration will shift to the District Commissioner and the District Registrar.

As part of the transitional process, the 94 Muslim registrars previously operating under the repealed Act will be discharged from their duties. To aid in their transition, each individual will receive a one-time compensation of Rs 2 lakh, as reported.

Minister Mallabarua emphasized that this move also aligns with the government’s commitment to addressing the issue of child marriage in the state. “We believe this is a step towards eradicating child marriage, which is the marriage of men under 21 years of age and women under 18 years of age,” he stated.

Highlighting the broader objective, Mallabarua said, “The main aim behind this has been to move towards a Uniform Civil Code. The Act, dating back to the British era, has become obsolete in today’s time, and we witnessed several underage marriages registered under this particular Act.”

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