NEIWAC Appeals Tamil Nadu Governor For Chennai-Dimapur Train Service Restoration

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The North East India Welfare Association Chennai (NEIWAC) has formally approached Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi, seeking his intervention to reinstate the crucial train service between Chennai and Dimapur.

In a letter reportedly submitted by Pastor Wapangtoshi, the President of NEIWAC and Naga Christian Fellowship Chennai (NCF Chennai), a plea was made to Governor Ravi to take proactive measures in restoring the direct train connection.

The Chennai-Dimapur train service, disrupted by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, played a pivotal role as a lifeline for individuals from the Northeast, particularly Nagaland, Manipur, and parts of Assam, residing in and around Chennai, as reported.

The discontinuation of this service has imposed significant challenges on the Northeastern community, compelling them to seek alternative, often time-consuming travel options or face a notable increase in travel expenses.

Pastor Wapangtoshi, representing NEIWAC, reportedly underscored the urgency of reinstating the train service, emphasizing its vital role in alleviating the hardships faced by Northeastern residents in Tamil Nadu.

Additionally, he articulated that beyond the practical advantages, reinstating the service would contribute to fostering stronger bonds between the people of Tamil Nadu and the Northeast.

The appeal to Governor Ravi comes as a response to the pressing needs of the Northeastern community, echoing the sentiments of many who have been affected by the absence of the direct train link.

NEIWAC remains hopeful that the intervention of the Tamil Nadu governor will lead to positive steps in reinstating this vital transportation link and restoring an essential lifeline for the Northeastern residents in the region.

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