Manipur Governor Anusuiya Addresses 5th Session Of 12th Legislative Assembly, Highlights Progress Amidst Challenges

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Anusuiya Uikey, the Governor of Manipur, delivered a comprehensive address during the 5th session of the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly, outlining the significant developments and challenges faced by the state over the past year.

In her opening remarks, Governor Anusuiya focused on the government’s dedicated efforts to address complex issues related to law and order following the violence that erupted on May 3 last year.

Tragically, 219 lives were lost during the unrest, prompting the government to extend Rs 10 lakh ex-gratia to affected families, along with proper verification and assistance in performing last rites.

To maintain law and order, substantial reinforcements were deployed, with 198 companies of central armed police force and 140 army columns supporting state security forces, mentions Uikey.

Anusuiya also reportedly informed that 1,87,143 persons were detained under preventive measures, released after legal formalities, and approximately 10,000 FIRs were registered.Notably, 29 cases were handed over to the CBI and one to the NIA for impartial investigations.

Governor Uikey emphasized the protection of religious sites and properties of displaced persons, ensuring coordinated security coverage at vulnerable locations.

She further highlighted that the ongoing efforts aim to resettle displaced individuals, coupled with initiatives for the welfare of both hill and valley populations.

Addressing the economic impact, Anusuiya lamented the difficult fiscal year of 2023-2024, with an estimated loss of around Rs 800 crore due to unrest, significantly affecting the state’s budgeted resources.

Despite the challenges, the Governor highlighted various developmental projects across sectors like healthcare, Tribal and SC/OBC Welfare, education, food security, power, agriculture, natural resources, and water management.

In her concluding remarks, Governor Anusuiya appealed to the people of Manipur for support and cooperation, urging them to contribute to the restoration of peace and harmony for the state to progress on the path of prosperity.

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