BJP Likely to Allocate East Tripura Lok Sabha Seat to Tipra Motha Ally

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, March 11, 2024: In line with earlier predictions, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is poised to allocate the East Tripura (ST) Lok Sabha seat to its newfound ally, the ‘Tipra Motha’. Under this arrangement, the candidate  of Tipra Motha will contest the elections under the BJP’s lotus symbol, as agreed upon during the signing of the agreement last month.

Reports suggest that Pradyot Kishore Debbarman, the founder of Tipra Motha and Tripura’s royal scion, has put forward the name of his elder sister, who is married and settled in Jharkhand, as the party candidate for the East Tripura seat. An indication of this decision emerged when Kirti Singh appeared on a platform during a sparsely attended party meeting in Khowai. Despite minimal interaction, Singh’s presence hinted at her candidacy.

Sources reveal that despite internal party discontent regarding the selection of the candidate, Pradyot Kishore has submitted his sister’s name to the BJP headquarters for final approval and announcement.

BJP sources in the region cite the necessity of aligning with Tipra Motha to secure victory in the East Tripura seat. They have assured the outgoing MP, Rebati Tripura, of nomination in the upcoming assembly elections from a favorable constituency, urging his full support in the campaign.

However, dissatisfaction within Tipra Motha has surfaced, with many expressing the opinion that nominating veteran Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhwal, even under the lotus symbol, would have better represented the grievances of the indigenous people in the Lok Sabha. Concerns are raised that Kirti Singh, lacking grassroots understanding of indigenous issues, may merely serve as an MP without effectively addressing community concerns.

Despite these sentiments, Pradyot Kishore has persisted in advancing Kirti Singh’s candidacy for approval and announcement, prompting apprehensions within Tipra Motha about its future relevance and support base among tribal communities.

Meanwhile, Pradyot Kishore left for New Delhi on Monday afternoon after holding a meeting with the Samajpatis of 19-tribes in Agartala.

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