Tripura CPIM Leader Jitendra Chaudhury Urges ECI to Act Against BJP MLA for Alleged Electoral Misconduct

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, March 22, 2024: Tripura CPIM Secretary and Leader of Opposition Jitendra Chaudhury in an official letter addressing the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) on Friday, called for immediate action against BJP MLA Abhishek Debroy for purportedly issuing improper directives to party workers ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in Tripura.

Chaudhury, in his letter, enclosed a circular allegedly issued by Abhishek Debroy, President of the BJP Gomati District Committee in Tripura, directing party members to undertake certain actions in relation to the ongoing electoral process.

The letter cited specific excerpts from the circular, with Chaudhury highlighting concerns regarding the directives given by Debroy. “In Para 3 of the circular, he directs his followers to take a lead of a minimum 25,000 votes in favor of the BJP candidate in each of the Assembly segments,” Chaudhury wrote. He questioned the feasibility of such a directive given the average voter turnout in Tripura.

Furthermore, Chaudhury expressed apprehension over another directive in the circular that allegedly instructed BJP followers to encourage selective opposition leaders to join the BJP ranks. “This direction bears an indirect message either to compel or allure the opposition leaders to join BJP,” Chaudhury claimed.

The CPIM state secretary also raised concerns over a specific instruction in the circular directing party members to approach government beneficiaries and have them dial a specific Gujarat-based mobile number. “The beneficiaries from the government in any form are not bonded citizens of the ruling party to favor it in any election,” Chaudhury asserted.

Chaudhury underscored the significance of the circular, stating that it sheds light on the environment in which the Lok Sabha polls are being conducted in Tripura. He urged the CEC to take appropriate action against Abhishek Debroy, the signatory of the circular, and ensure all necessary measures are taken to uphold the principles of free, fair, and peaceful elections.

The allegations put forth by CPIM against the BJP MLA have sparked discussions regarding electoral ethics and fair play in the ongoing political landscape of Tripura. As the election season unfolds, stakeholders eagerly await the Election Commission’s response to the CPIM’s concerns.

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