ISRO Expresses Gratitude To Naga Scientist Yimchunger And Others For RLV Technology Contributions

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*ISRO Expresses Gratitude To Naga Scientist Yimchunger And Others For RLV Technology Contributions*

In a remarkable acknowledgment of talent and expertise, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has expressed its deepest gratitude towards Dr. Belenso T. Yimchunger, a distinguished Naga Scientist, along with other notable contributors, for their pivotal roles in advancing Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) technology.

Dr. Yimchunger’s significant contributions were highlighted in a heartfelt letter dated March 24, 2024, where ISRO’s Chairman, Dr. S. Somanath, personally recognized his invaluable input alongside other contributors.

The letter also reportedly extended gratitude to Ram Das from JE Power, Government of India, and Kumar, an Electrical and Electronic student at IIT Delhi, for their dedicated efforts in this endeavor.

The successful launch of the Reusable Vehicle (RV) on March 22, 2024, at 07:10 hrs IST, marked a significant milestone attributed to the collaborative efforts and innovative ideas of these esteemed individuals, as mentioned in the appreciation letter.

Dr. Somanath emphasized the importance of their contributions in pushing the boundaries of space exploration and fostering technological advancements.

Notably, Dr. Yimchunger’s involvement as a Naga scientist adds a dimension of diversity and expertise to the project, showcasing ISRO’s commitment to inclusivity and recognizing talent from diverse backgrounds.

His role, alongside that of Ram Das and Kumar, underscores the power of collaboration in achieving groundbreaking achievements in space technology.

As ISRO looks towards the future, the organization anticipates further collaboration with Dr. Yimchunger, Ram Das, Kumar, and other esteemed contributors, as they collectively strive to explore new frontiers in space exploration.

This acknowledgment not only celebrates their individual achievements but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring scientists, especially from underrepresented communities, highlighting the impact of dedication and innovation in shaping the future of space exploration.

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