Tripura: BJP Candidate Biplab Kumar Deb Highlights Contrast in Voting Experience Under Different Governments

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Agartala, April 2, 2024: West Tripura Lok Sabha seat candidate Biplab Kumar Deb on Tuesday shed light on the contrasting atmosphere of elections under different regimes, emphasizing the shift from fear to festivity in the electoral process.

In a spirited gathering at Noagaon under 6-Agartala assembly constituency, Deb’s remarks resonated with a sense of sarcasm as he recalled the dark times of communist rule, where elections were marred by terror, chaos, and the burning of opposition supporters’ homes. However, under the governance of the BJP, he noted a significant transformation where people exercise their democratic rights in a joyous spirit.

“The biggest day of democracy is the election day,” exclaimed Deb, highlighting the stark contrast between the past and present electoral scenarios. He reminisced how during the communist era, the joyous essence of voting was suppressed under the grip of power-hungry authorities, focused solely on maintaining control over the populace.

Since the BJP’s ascension to power in Tripura in 2018, Deb emphasized a palpable sense of relief among the populace. He drew attention to the plight of Congress workers, many of whom were displaced or met unfortunate fates during the CPIM rule.

As the political scenario evolves, Deb mentioned the emergence of INDIA Bloc candidates contesting in two Lok Sabha seats in Tripura, signaling a shift in the state’s political dynamics.

Taking aim at Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman, Deb condemned the legacy of the CPIM, accusing them of subjecting Tripura’s populace to years of torment. He questioned the necessity of such prolonged suffering, suggesting that the CPIM’s disregard for the people’s welfare only exacerbated their plight.

Further underscoring the BJP’s commitment to gender equality, Deb highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiatives aimed at empowering women. He pointed out the significant representation of women within the BJP ranks, contrasting it with the lack of space for women within the CPIM and Congress.

In conclusion, Deb’s remarks not only underscored the evolving electoral landscape in Tripura but also shed light on the contrasting experiences of voters under different political regimes.

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