Nagaland BJP Holds Protest Over Former Congress Leader Sam Pitrodas’s Remarks

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Nagaland staged a dharna, on Friday, at Marwari Pati in Dimapur protesting against the recent controversial remarks made by Sam Pitroda, the Former Indian Overseas Congress Chairman.

Pitroda’s statement, referring to South Indians as resembling Africans, Westerners as Arabs, and Easterners as Chinese, sparked outrage within the BJP ranks.

State Spokesperson for BJP, Mughavi Chishi, criticized the Congress and termed Pitroda’s statement as audacious racist remarks.

He alleged that such comments not only fuel divisive sentiments but also embolden neighboring nations to stake claims on specific regions within India.

Moreover, Chishi reiterated BJP’s commitment to national integration.

Additionally, Media Convenor of BJP Nagaland, Sapralu Nyekha, accused the Congress of harboring Divide and Rule mentality.

The BJP further urged upon citizens to support a political party dedicated to unifying the nation rather than promoting division.

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