Nagaland: Aliba Village Hosts 3rd Edition Of ‘Off-Season Cucumber Festival 2024’

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The 3rd edition of the Off-Season Cucumber Festival 2024 was held at Aliba Village in Mokokchung District of Nagaland, on Friday.

Speaking at the Festival as a special invitee, Director of Tourism, Veyielo Doulo, emphasised the festival’s role in fostering unity among the Nagas.

He commended the farmers, Village Councils, and Organising Committee for their dedication in producing cucumbers during the challenging dry season, recognizing it as a rare achievement.

In addition, Doulo encouraged the village to share their cultivation methods, while preserving their uniqueness, to inspire and educate others.

Emphasising on the importance of tourism sector, he encouraged Aliba Village to establish home stay services to enhance economic development.

Further, Doulo underscored the importance of showcasing the village’s beauty beyond its cucumbers, urging the creation of comprehensive tourism guides and brochures.

Notably, a total of around 22 thousand cucumbers were displayed for sale during the festival.

Moreover, Indigenous games, display of handicrafts of local made, Aliba’s food cuisines stalls, traditional clothes were also some of the highlights of the event.

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