Meghalaya: Garo Film ‘Rapture’ To Light Up Screens In Over 100 French Theaters

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In a momentous occasion for Northeastern cinema, the critically acclaimed Garo film “Rapture” is set to grace screens across more than 100 theaters in France.

Directed by the visionary Dominic Megam Sangma and produced by Anna Films Shillong, this historic release marks a significant milestone, as it becomes the first film from Meghalaya, India, to achieve such widespread distribution in French cinemas, elevating Garo cinema to international prominence.

“Rapture,” hailed for its profound storytelling and captivating cinematography, delves deep into the cultural and spiritual realms of the Garo community, offering audiences a mesmerizing cinematic experience.

Dominic Megam Sangma’s directorial prowess brings a unique and authentic perspective to the forefront, resonating with viewers around the globe.

In addition, Capricci Cinema has announced that “Rapture” has received a prestigious label from the GNCR (Groupement National des Cinémas de Recherche), underscoring its artistic excellence and ensuring enhanced visibility across arthouse circuits.

Following its initial release, the film is slated to expand its reach to an additional 64 cinemas in the coming weeks, promising to enchant audiences in major cities and esteemed theaters throughout France.

This historic premiere not only celebrates the rich tapestry of Garo culture but also represents a significant triumph for Indian cinema on the global stage.

Capricci Cinema and Anna Films Shillong extends a warm invitation to French audiences to immerse themselves in the engaging narrative of “Rapture,” as it continues to captivate hearts and minds across borders.

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