Actress Shyamashree Sherpa Represents India At Cannes With Sikkimese Movie ‘Tara: The Lost Star’; Screening Today

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Sikkimese Actress and Producer, Shyamashree Sherpa attends the Cannes Film Festival in France, representing India with the Sikkimese movie “ Tara-the lost star” which has been selected to be screened at cinema market on May 20 and has been sponsored by NFDC.

The founder of SADA production Shyama Shree gracing the event in traditional attire, emphasises that for the first time in history a Sikkimese-Nepali film is set to be  screened at the biggest film festival in the world, “Marché Du Film, Cannes de Festival.”

Directed by Samten Bhutia and produced by Sabitri Chettri, “Tara, The Lost Star” is a testament to the collaborative efforts of SADA Productions and Passang Mintok Films.

The movie takes viewers on a visual journey through the enchanting Gnathang Valley and the serene Memencho Lake, capturing the essence of Sikkim’s natural beauty.

Starring Shyama Shree Sherpa and Kiran Dahal in lead roles, with Deoraj Sherpa and Loonibha Tuladhar adding depth to the cast, the film stands as a beacon of cultural representation on the global stage.

At the festival, Sherpa expressed her gratitude towards the dedicated team behind the film, applauding their tireless efforts in bringing “Tara, The Lost Star” to Cannes.

“The screening of Sikkim’s “Tara-the lost star” marks a pivotal moment for the Sikkimese and Nepali communities worldwide,” adds Shyamashree.

As the curtains rise on “Tara, The Lost Star” at Cannes, it signals a new chapter in the narrative of Sikkimese-Nepali cinema, one filled with promise, pride, and profound storytelling.

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