Tripura Border Clash: BSF Constable Attacked by Bangladeshi Miscreants in Smuggling Bid; Strong Protest Lodged

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Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, June 03, 2024: At the Indo-Bangladesh border in Tripura, BSF Constable Bhole found himself in the midst of a violent clash with Bangladeshi miscreants on Sunday. The confrontation took place at Border Fence Gate No. 196, where Constable Bhole was tasked with operating the gate as part of his Operational Duty (OP).

According to official reports, the incident occurred around 1330 hrs when a sizable group of Bangladeshi miscreants illegally crossed the International Boundary (IB) and converged near the fencing gate, purportedly with intentions to smuggle sugar across the border.

A BSF official stated, “The attack on Constable Bhole is a blatant violation of international protocols and a grave threat to border security.”

Eyewitnesses recounted that the situation escalated rapidly as the miscreants began hurling abusive language and making provocative gestures towards Constable Bhole, goading him into confrontation. In a bid to disperse the unruly crowd and prevent the smuggling attempt, Constable Bhole took the bold decision to enter beyond the fence through the gate.

Another official emphasized, “We appreciate the swift action taken by the BGB in returning the confiscated equipment, but such incidents underscore the ongoing challenges faced by border forces in maintaining order.”

However, this action only fueled further aggression from the Bangladeshi miscreants, who swiftly surrounded and assaulted Constable Bhole, attempting to drag him towards the Bangladesh side of the border. In the chaos, they managed to wrestle away his personal weapon and radio set.

Despite the assailants’ attempts to subdue him, Constable Bhole managed to break free, albeit sustaining severe injuries inflicted by bamboo sticks and an iron rod wielded by the attackers.

The gravity of the situation prompted a Commandant-level flag meeting between the BSF and their Bangladeshi counterparts. During the meeting, the BSF lodged a vehement protest against the brazen attack. Fortunately, the weapon and radio set snatched from Constable Bhole were returned to the BSF by the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) representatives.

In response, a BGB representative assured, “We condemn any act of violence along the border and remain committed to working together with the BSF to prevent such incidents in the future.”

In the wake of this alarming incident, the BSF reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to maintaining peace and tranquility along the volatile Indo-Bangladesh border. The collaboration with the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) remains crucial in ensuring the security and stability of the region.

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