ISRO Releases Stunning Images Of Sun Captured By Aditya L1 Satellite

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Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has released stunning images of the Sun captured by the Aditya L1 satellite during a major geomagnetic storm in May.

The two remote sensing payloads, namely the Solar UltraViolet Imaging Telescope (SUIT) and the Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC), along with other payloads, captured these images from the Lagrange point in space.

The images released by ISRO clearly show magnetically active regions with large solar flares on the Sun’s surface. The solar emissions depict the relative brightness of sunspots, umbra, penumbra, and plages.

ISRO states that these images will assist astrophysicist in studying solar flares, their energy distribution, sunspots, UV radiation across a wide wavelength range, and long-term solar variations.

The images can be viewed on the ISRO website.

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