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Sun, 05 Apr 2020

Northeast Today

2300 got govt. job during last 20 months BJP-IPFT rule in Tripura: CM Biplab Kumar Deb

2300 got govt. job during last 20 months BJP-IPFT rule in Tripura: CM Biplab Kumar Deb
January 02
08:55 2020

NET Bureau

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb announced that out of 2300 those who got government jobs 1903 got appointment on regular scale in Tripura after the new government was formed around two years back.

He was addressing during a program of blood donation and loan dispersing organized by the Tripura SC Welfare and SC Corporation Limited at it office premises in Lakh Chomhuni here on Monday.

Deb said, “A section is spreading rumors but the fact remains that during the tenure of the new government all total more than 2300 government jobs were given out of which 1903 got regular job. But now those who get government jobs, unlike the previous system the job seekers neither had to walk in any political rally, meeting, nor meet any leader or MLA in party offices or wait for ten years after applying for a job rather the deserving candidates through transparent recruitment policy got these jobs.”

Deb expressed that it is very unfortunately that a section of people are continuously trying to mislead the people of the state but have failed because only truth prevails.

“If anyone tries to mislead you by say what you personally received from the new government then ask that person if he can assure a government job, house, loan or any other government facility or should not play with the innocence because the people of the state has already denied those who deprived people on the basis of political identity,” said the Chief Minister.

Deb recalled that even before the 2018 assembly election he and his party leaders had then promised social transformation in the state of Tripura through political transformation and the process have already started.

He said that those who are sensible are able realize the positive changes in Tripura but those who are unable to recognize this transformation shall not be able to cope up with the development that is ongoing under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Unlike before the assembly election when Tripura was associated with all negative forces, at present the people of the state are hoping and believing for a better tomorrow seeking for development and which is positive,” said Deb.

The Chief Minister explaining about the development of multi-connectivity – land, rail, air and water to-and-from Tripura during the last few months viewed that very soon the state shall boom in business all various avenues shall open up leading to socio-economic development.

He also viewed that after 70 years of independence for the first time in the history of India, Tripura is probably the first state that has announced a scheme to provide pipeline drinking water by December 2022 under the Atal Jaldhara Yojna but it is unfortunate that the previous government which ruled Tripura for 25 years at a stress failed to even fulfill basic drinking water to the people of the state.

Deb declared that on date already forty thousand families are covered out of sixty thousand families of the state who are suppose to get free water connection by coming March 2020 under the Atal Jaldhara Yojna.

With full confidence the Chief Minister reassured his promised that within the three years period of the new government, Tripura will be transformed into a model state.

He said that throughout the state developmental works are going on at very fast pace in various sectors including – infrastructure, connectivity, health, IT, employment, economic and most important in the mentality of the people of the state who are now hoping and dreaming for a better Tripura.

Deb praising the Central government under the dynamic leadership of PM Modi, said that the SC Welfare Corporation under the Tripura government till date receiver Rs 134 crore 52 lakh 49 thousand from the Central government’s National Corporation and out of that Rs 127 crore 34 lakh 91 thousand was dispersed as loan among the beneficiaries.

Appealing the loan beneficial to change their mentality and repay the loan amount Deb informed that the central government provides the loan amount at an interest rate of three percent and which the state government again disperses among the beneficiaries at six percent interest under various employment schemes.

Deb said that on Monday all total 122 beneficiaries are getting loan under various employment schemes amounting total Rupees 3 crore 25 lakh 65 thousand.

He informed that in addition to today’s beneficiary selection of another 500 unemployed SC youths for loan is on the process and for which Rs 13 crore 92 lakh has already been sanctioned.

Deb added that all total 1395 youths from the Schedule Cast community shall receive loan amounting Rs 34 crore 90 lakh 50 thousand during the fiscal 2019-20 beside construction of hostels and scholarship for students at various levels.

He appealed to the people of the SC community especially those who shall get loan to be mentally prepared to work hard and repay the loan amount so that others can also get benefit and get a chance to develop in the society.

Source: Tripura Info


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