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Mon, 21 May 2018

Northeast Today

Know 5 Different Dance Forms of the Northeast

Know 5 Different Dance Forms of the Northeast
June 12
14:19 2017

Amir Rehan

Northeast India as a whole is a combination of various cultures and customs. When we talk about culture, dance is an integral part of this region and one should be aware of the different types of dance forms from the Northeast.

These dance forms have their own unique styles from their own particular states. So, let’s get started by showing you the 5 different types of dance forms of Northeast India.

1. Laho Dance – Meghalaya:

Laho Dance                                                              Source: www. seaburyholidays.com

The Pnar Tribe’s of Meghalaya take part in what is known as Laho Dance and this is held in the Behdienkhlam Festival. In this particular type of dance, two males stand in both the sides of a woman and connect each other’s arms to perform unique steps during the Laho Dance.

Additionally, there is a comedian who keeps doing hilarious recitation of the dance to make the audience laugh. This sounds interesting, isn’t it?

2. Ras Lila – Manipur:

Ras Lila                                                                     Source: www.youtube.com

The Ras Lila is one of the main dance forms in India. This classical dance is interwoven through the love story of Lord Krishna, Gopikas and Radha.  The performers of the Ras Lila dance wear elaborate costumes and it is characterized by its slow, gentle and rhythmic movements during the dance. The skirts of the female dancers are very attractive and are cylindrical in shape.  To give you a bit more information about the dance, different sorts of instruments in the form of flute and a string type of instrument known as Pena is used during the dance.

3. Bihu – Assam:

Bihu                                                                 Source: www.utsavpedia.com

Given that the festival of Bihu is celebrated across the globe in cities like London, New York by Assamese societies, it is well known by people of mainland India as well. Generally, Bihu is celebrated three times a year and during this time men and women together perform a dance by showing off various postures like squats, twirls, movements of hips, arms as well as wrists. That can take a lot of practice for you to come up with such fine moves.

In this dance form, the females wear a Mekhala Chador and the male dancers wear a Dhoti Gamocha.

4. Cheraw Dance – Mizoram:

Cheraw Dance                                                                          Source: www.tumblr.com

Cheraw is an intriguing dance form with a mix of skill and rhythm. It starts off with four people holding a bamboo across each other on the ground. These bamboo sticks are clapped at the same time while the dancers make a pattern through them in a particular time as per the rhythm. Are you planning to do the Cheraw Dance?

5. Hojagiri Dance – Tripura:

Hojagiri Dance                                                                          Source: www.indiafacts.org

This is basically a folk dance of the Reang community in the state. The Hojagiri dance is a ceremony to satisfy the goddess Lakshmi in order to have a good harvest. The unique thing about this dance is that only the lower portion of the body moves to the rhythm of the music. The major highlight of this dance is the super cool acrobatic things like a bottle with a lighted lamp on top or balancing an earthen pitcher.


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