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Sat, 21 Jul 2018

Northeast Today

5 Haunted Places in Northeast that Would Give You the Chills

5 Haunted Places in Northeast that Would Give You the Chills
May 18
13:59 2017

Amir Rehan 

Even though Science has made rapid progress, but whenever we hear about any kind of paranormal activities or stories, it tends to send a chill down the spine. We all know how beautiful is the Northeast but there’s another side which can freak you out and that is the haunted places of this region with bloodcurdling stories.

Well, time to be a ghost-buster and find out some of the spooky places in North East India. They are as per the following.

1. JNIMS Hospital – Manipur:

JNIMS HOSPITAL                                                                                                  Source: www.nelive.in

The JNIMS Hospital is said to be haunted and people out here in the form of patients or attendants have experienced something creepy. It has been reported that the gynecology department is haunted but the main spot where these spooky incidents take place is from the washroom as well as the corridor side, leading to it from the ward area.

There are different experiences as narrated by the people. At times they feel like a sudden drop in temperature or having the feel of somebody being close by. This does not stop here, there are also reports from those affected by it that they felt somebody was following them with heavy footsteps and also tingling sensations.

2. Jatinga Valley – Assam:

JATINGA VALLEY                                                                           Source: www.wordpress.com

This is a scenic valley in the state of Assam. This place gets a bit strange and spooky in the month of September and October with the mass suicides of birds. When it turns moonless and foggy at night; large number of birds starts flying in the dark and only to be hit by houses and trees which results in they getting killed.

It is believed that three women were given death sentence on grounds of their association with black magic, sorcery and witchcraft. The locals out here say that the spirits of these women ends up killing these birds and keeps it haunted.

If you want to visit Jatinga Valley in the above mentioned months at night, good luck with your bravery.

3. Joli Village – Arunachal Pradesh:

JOLI VILLAGE                                                         Source: www.caravanmagazine.in

Joli is a village in Arunachal Pradesh and parts of it is filled with Jungle. This semi jungle is absolutely creepy out here. There are instances where if a person goes for hunting or fishing, they are pelted with stones and you would have no clue from which direction this would be coming.

Additionally, some people reports to have seen weird mirages and also ended up shooting their own people as they for a moment appeared like a Tiger or Bear. There are haunted spirits of different kind out here and they are called Yapom or Dimi in the local language.

4. The Dow Hills School – Kurseong:

THE DOW HILLS SCHOOL                                                            Source: www.darjeelingtimes.com

It is believed that the Dow Hills School was a place where a lot murders took place in the past years. There have been instances where locals and students have spotted a headless boy roaming around freely within the school campus and outside. Some of the students have heard mysterious laughter and giggling and also apparitions in the hallway.

Up for a creepy encounter? This is the place for you.

5. Haunted Lodge, Jorhat – Assam:

HAUNTED LODGE                                                                Source: www.hauntingindia.blogpost.com

There is this beautiful lodge/villa in Jorhat and it is considered to be haunted. It was basically a lodge of freemasons when the British ruled India. The locals who look after this lodge have encountered some weird things in the form of muffled laughs, spooky noise and whispers.

Additionally, there have been times where these locals have seen drawings of strange things within the lodge.

That surely will give you the Goosebumps. Isn’t it?

Have Fun!

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