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5 Lip Smacking Dishes from the Northeast That You Need to Try Out

5 Lip Smacking Dishes from the Northeast That You Need to Try Out
April 11
14:19 2017

Amir Rehan

Northeast is an exciting combination of various cultures and tribes.  The region is well known for its interesting cuisine, which is an experience in itself. From strong flavors to colourful dishes, the food out here is something very unique compared to the rest of the country.

To those travelling to the Northeast or from outside, come out of that stereotypical thinking that Northeastern food is all about noodles and momos. There is much more than these two. Let us checkout some of these fascinating foods.

Jadoh – Meghalaya

From the “Abode of the Clouds” comes Jadoh, a one of a kind rice dish and street staple. The rice is long grained and endowed with a unique fragrance. If you are not much into oil, this is a perfect dish that you would want to try. Jadoh is generally prepared and served with pork, but vegetarian options are also available. Are you drooling, already?



Zan – Arunachal Pradesh

In the chilly regions of Arunachal Pradesh, there could be nothing better than a spicy soup to warm your heart. Zan, is a spicy porridge like soup made up of boiling water and millet. You can enjoy having it with some charred meat and vegetables.


Eromba – Manipur

The name sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Well, it is basically an assorted fish dish from Manipur made with the traditional Ngari (fermented fish) and served with rice. It also consists of fresh vegetables combined with a bit of Raja Mirchi. Eromba is ideally had with rice or even a chunk of millet bread. They say the name of Eromba, brings back fond memories of home to any Manipuri living outside the state.


Chikhvi – Tripura

Chikhvi is a colorful, healthy and lip smacking dish of pork and bamboo shoots from Tripura.  Chikhvi has an ideal mix of lusciousness and smokiness with the pork cooked with the right amount of moisture in it. It uses no oil and adding rice gives it an altogether killer taste. Damn! That made me hungry.


Bai – Mizoram

If you are the sort who finds happiness in trying out something extraordinary, then the sour and spicy Bai from Mizoram is a must for you. The dish gets its base from Pork as is heavily consumed in the state. Spinach and bamboo shoots are added to give it a mesmerizing flavour. A  spicy dish to be had with rice, make sure to try it out whenever you’re in Mizoram.



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