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5 Outfits to Carry When Planning a Trip to Goa

5 Outfits to Carry When Planning a Trip to Goa
June 21
16:27 2017

Goa is one of the most favourite and perfect beach destinations in India. Welcoming travellers from all around the world all year round, Goa is always thriving with tourists and travellers. Also, the number of festivals hosted by this beautiful Indian Beach destination is another reason behind its immense popularity among youngtravellers. From Sunburn, Goa Carnival to Mango and International Film Festival, this gorgeous destination plays host to festivals of almost all kinds.

However, to have a blast, all-day long fun, and no sunburn, you need to pack these five outfits that will make you feel comfortable and would let you have a great time in Goa. Yes, right clothing is that important. So, if you have already booked your Delhi to Goa flights air ticket at lowest fare, it’s time to get the packing sorted and make you super ready for an action-packed trip to Goa.


#1 A Pair of Shorts and Tank Top

We have all seen people flocking to the beach wearing uncomfortable jeans and super skinny tops. Well, when you are on beachy destination like Goa, the thumb rule is to keep away your denims and invest in something that is comfortable yet on point. A pair of comfortable cotton shorts teamed with a flowy tank top and a stole around the neck would make you look super cool and will effortlessly keep the summer heat away. Isn’t that you want?


#2 A Floral Flowy Dress

One piece of clothing that all girls love to don- a floral flowy dress. So, whether you want to carry a maxi dress or a midi dress, the choice is yours. However, be sure to stay away from not so summer friendly fabrics like viscose, polyester, and nylon. Think of cotton when you are out on your Goa shopping spree. However, make sure you are not wearing your flowy dress on a day when you plan to ride around Goa on a hired scooter. For a comfortable and enjoyable ride, choose wearing shorts and atank top and save your dress for the beach day.


#3 A Cotton Romper

Rompers have become a rage. All top fashion brands have already introduced or are planning to add rompers in their upcoming collection. Effortlessly stylish and extremely comfortable, they are great to be worn at beaches, parties and more. So, make sure you at least have oneromperin your bag while heading to Goa.



#4 An Off-Shoulder Top & Denim Shorts

Just like rompers, off-shoulder tops have taken over the fashion world. Stylish yet comfy, you exude class and are a great wearing option for your Goa vacation. So, head to the market or nay of the popular online stores and buy a few off-shoulder tops for yourself. For a great look, team it up with a pair of distressed denim shorts and a straw hat.


#5 A Sarong

If you are not comfortable wearing bikinis as is, carry a few sarongs in solid and patterns to team them up with your bikinis. Wrap the sarong around yourself like a skirt or a dress and feel as comfortable as you want to. Another great thing about sarongs is that they are good for hiding those extra curves. Ahem!


So, now you that have the list of super comfortable outfits for your Goa vacation, go ahead buy them all and make your trip a stylish and memorable one. Other items that you need to keep in your bag include a pair of sunglasses, accessories for all your outfits, sunscreen to keep you away from tanning, lip balm to fight cracked lips, hair conditioner and more. For other Goa travel tips, check out a few travel websites including Yatra to make the most of your vacation because you are one of those few lucky people who grabbed Delhi to Goa flights air ticket at lowest fare, so have a very good time.

Have a happy vacay!



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