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Thu, 24 Oct 2019

Northeast Today

5 Things to Know Before Booking Appointment With Urologist

5 Things to Know Before Booking Appointment With Urologist
May 28
11:00 2019

Most of us go to the bathroom multiple times a day. But for some people, it turns out to be a major problem. Men go to primary care physician for the common health issues, dentist of teeth problems. But who should they see for urinary issues? The type of doctor who is able to treat these conditions is a urologist. The doctor is specialized in a genitourinary tract which includes ureters, kidneys, prostate gland, bladder. A Urologist can also help you with male and female sexual dysfunction. Men will particularly benefit from a urologist when some symptoms arise that require the attention of the doctor who checks all these disorders with ease.

The misconception is that urologist will only see men but that is not the case, they see women as they too have bladder and ureters problems. They see patients from both sexes and all age ranging from newborn to elderly patients. The most common conditions a urologist sees daily can range from overactive bladder, sexual dysfunction, kidney and bladder stones, urinary tract infections and also cancer. The number of problems is many so before consulting the doctor, you should do a little research. You will get to know what condition is causing the symptoms you are having and whether you require a general urologist or a subspecialist would be a better fit.

So, here are the 5 things to know before booking an appointment with a urologist:

What experience does the doctor have?

Like many specialists, urologists focus their practice and training in a specific area. Many doctors focus their practice on treating special disorders. Most of the doctor focuses their practice in prostate cancer because it’s the second most cancer among the men and a top reason why men look to seek an appointment with a urologist. For the people who are living in certain areas where the number of urologists high, then they should look for a urologist which is specific to their condition. This might not be an option for patients in all the areas of the country, mainly in rural regions. In these cases, a urologist will able to help or get you coordinated with the care you need. For all different urological concerns, you should know how equipped is the doctor to cure the problem. The general question of the patients is how many procedures has the doctor done and the confidence level of the doctor.

Does the doctor have information about me?

It’s advised to come to a doctor’s appointment with your full medical history, all with your medications and all information about your procedures and health you can. You should be proactive about getting all the information. You can’t assume that you will get your records from the doctor’s office only. It’s said to keep a copy of your records. The best patients according to the doctor are the one who comes up with whole information about them and is ready to ask plenty of questions regarding the problem. The doctor recommends this giving to the person who will check you in, so the information is ready to review for the doctor even before you meet him. Most of the questions which come to the doctor are during the initial conversations. The main issue is that some patients are not honest which makes it difficult for the doctor to operate them. They are not sure why they are making an appointment for a urologist. According to the doctor, the patient should be honest about what they are coming to see the doctor for.

Urologists are the experts on men’s health and there are various things which can go wrong downwards, that men are particularly embarrassed to talk about such as erectile dysfunction or a lump in the testicle. In some cases, the patient schedule the appointment to see the doctor for a different reason and they fill all the paperwork but when they enter the room, they say that i want to talk about the erectile dysfunction. If they are honest from the first instance then it helps both doctor and patient to prepare.

Is there any risk of getting prostate cancer?

One of the common reasons to visit a urologist is a treatment for prostate cancer, asking about the risk of having the disease and whether you should start with the screening process with the urologist. If you haven’t been diagnosed with cancer before but are concerned about the risk for the disease, then you should ask the questions whether it’s fine to start with the screening and how often you should be screened.

You are having a UTI which won’t go away

If you are experiencing painful urination which does not improve with the help of antibiotics, it could be a sign that you are suffering from interstitial cystitis which is also called painful bladder. The urologist will test your urine and examine the bladder with a cystoscope to make a diagnosis. It can be treated with the help of anti-inflammatory drugs and can also be prevented by avoiding certain triggers, spicy foods, chocolate and caffeine.

Are you suffering from kidney stones?

If you are having severe pain in the back or on the lower side, then there are chances that you might be having kidney stones. Other symptoms which include are blood in urine, urine looks cloudy. If you experience these symptoms then you should see your urologist for kidney stone treatment as soon as it’s possible.

So, these were the 5 things to know before making an appointment with your urologist. It’s better to come prepared with questions and with all your previous medical history. This will help the doctor to provide better treatment. The whole process would be seamless plus the patient should not feel any embarrassment.

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