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Thu, 05 Dec 2019

Northeast Today

7 Pitfalls College Students Stumble upon When Buying Essays Online

7 Pitfalls College Students Stumble upon When Buying Essays Online
December 02
18:38 2019

Buying essays online is an easy and convenient way to get your essays done for you and on time, especially if writing is not your strongest suit. It helps the overwhelmed student get one more academic pressure out of their mind. Many students simply hate writing assignments, but it is such an integral part of college life that is inescapable. Online essay writing services know this, and allow students to purchase custom-written essays.


The problem is that buying an essay online isn’t so straightforward, and many students face hurdles that can put their academic future in jeopardy. Here are seven of them.

1. Picking the First Available Writer

When buying an essay online, it is a big mistake to just go with the first writer that you speak to without assessing them to find out if they are indeed a professional. Students should thoroughly examine the writer, asking them questions that a true professional in that field would know. They should also speak to multiple writers before making a decision to further increase their chances of hiring a true professional. Ideally, the writer should be someone who has a passion for the subject and the willingness to help students advance their academic careers.

2. Poor Services

A lot of online writing services claim to hire professional native English speakers only to provide students with writers that aren’t. The result is that the student gets a poor-quality essay with a lot of errors. The risk of getting such poor services is even greater if the essay bought is very cheap. Another problem is that the student can get poor customer service, meaning that they might not have access to the writer during the entire process to share ideas and ask for revisions. Any problems they have with the final draft of the essay will go unanswered.

One can easily avoid this hurdle by checking for customers’ testimonials. If the writer or writing service is getting poor customer reviews, buying from them would be a huge mistake. This involves digging into forums and other review websites on Google to ascertain the quality of service they will receive.

3. Wasted Money

If you pay for something and get subpar work, you have definitely lost some money that you might never get back. You can’t count on getting a refund, which means the student is forced to make alterations themselves or worse – write the essay from scratch by themselves. The chance to also get ripped off is high as some people will just receive the money and never be heard from again. The student ends up paying for a service they did not get. Checking what people are saying about the services can also be a big help when it comes to avoiding this hurdle.

4. Plagiarism

When buying essays online, you can also get plagiarized work. You have no idea if the essay you have been given was written from scratch, especially when you don’t have immediate access to the writer. Getting caught for submitting plagiarized work is a major academic offense, and that is why a lot of colleges have strict rules against it. If you have no idea if the final essay will be checked for plagiarism, you should not purchase it.

5. Essay Might Not Be Unique

Some essay writing services are notorious for writing just one essay and selling it to multiple students. For them, it is much cheaper to do so than it is to hire professional native speakers and create custom content. This increases the chance of a student getting caught when the professor runs the paper through a college plagiarism checker, and they find another essay that was rewritten word for word.

6. They Don’t Write an Essay that Matches Your Demands

Professors know the ability of their students. That is why when students buy an essay online, they have to make sure that they work with a writer that will craft a sample essay they can use when writing a paper on their own. If a student is struggling in their ESL course without showing signs of gradual improvement, handing in a stellar essay written in impeccable English will surely raise some red flags. The professor will be suspicious and will probably figure out that the essay was bought.

7. Missed the Deadline

Buying an essay from a service or a writer that is unreliable can lead to a missed deadline. The student pays for the essay and puts it out of their mind, expecting that it will be submitted on time. But sometimes, this is not the case as the deadlines can be missed, causing the student to lose marks with each day the essay is overdue.


As you can see, buying an essay online comes with huge hurdles that can either cause one to put their academic future at risk or simply just lose all their money. In the end, it is up to the student to do the necessary research to avoid these hurdles so that they can buy a quality essay overnight and further advance their academic career.



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