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Mon, 16 Dec 2019

Northeast Today

A BMX clique set to create history

A BMX clique set to create history
May 07
16:19 2019

A young lad hailing from Shillong is all set to create history of the longest BMX ride with his team. Winward Sangma, a professional endurance cyclist reveals his journey and the troupe’s plan on creating history to Dipanti Lahon for  Northeast Today.


The Cyclist and his team:

Winward Sangma

Winward Sangma had a passion to do BMX (bicycle motocross) free styling ever since he was introduced to cycling. He has been riding for the past 12 years but it was the year 2013 when he entered the world of BMX.  And it was the same year he started doing freestyles.  Winward has also done BMX shows in different states of India and had won numbers of competitions. His cycling tours are always above 500km to 1500km in one go and whenever Winward takes on a long journey he always likes to dedicate the tour for awareness on nature and environment. Recently Winward went on a cycling ride which was of 1089km.

Winward’s team is called as Ground RULE and it is formed with around 90 to 100 members hailing from different parts of Northeast India. The team is comprised of various athletes and artists and currently it is ranked at the top in the region and second in the nation when it comes to extreme sports.  Winward says that these days there are no events or competition for such sports the riders are losing their vibe and their interest for their passion is gradually shying away and thus they end up quitting. Hence, to keep the enthusiasm going, Ground RULE is organising events and competition for extreme sports.


Vizibility ZERO, the skate park:

Winward Sangma


Ground RULE, in their effort to unite athletes and sports enthusiasts built the first ever skate park in the entire Northeast. They named the park as Vizibility ZERO.

The team’s motto behind building the park is to provide a permanent space for BMXers and Skaters who usually face difficulty while practicing. Winward mentions that there are instances when they were chased out by people and cops during their practice. He says, the park had to be built on expenses of a team member as the government didn’t show any interest on the same.

Now the park is a backyard for numerous skaters and riders.


Upcoming Plans:

As Winward speaks from his experiences he says, cycling can bring a better environment and better health. Therefore, Winward teamed up with his cyclist friends to plan something huge and unique with cycling. They came up with a plan to pedal into three different countries; Myanmar, Bhutan and the Himalayan range of Nepal. The tour will be on the theme ‘SAVE TREES SAVE THE EARTH’ and their journey will begin on 25th May 2019.

The team has spoken with the World Records India regarding the tour and once they complete this journey they are going to mark their names in the book of records which will be the first time to travel three countries on bicycles, especially the Himalayan range of Nepal. The tour is going to be unique as the riders are going to use BMX bikes instead of Road bikes or Mountain bikes.

Winward said “though BMX are not designed to travel long distance and does not have gears, we are determined to take on the difficulty and complete this tour as our will and intention toward this tour is stronger than the fear of risk.”

Winward Sangma


Appeal to the common masses:

In order to make their tour a success the team is currently on a struggle as they are in need of finance. Winward says, “We don’t have any sponsors or any backup who could help us complete the tour.”

The tour would focus on protecting the environment and Climate change and as per the plan the tour would be of minimum 28-35 days and the maximum budget should be of Rupees 90 thousand.

Hence, Winward appeals, “we are in a search for sponsors who would like to take part with us and help us. For the tour we are in a very much need of financial help from the general public which will help us a lot to complete the journey such as for Visa, food, and stay.”

“It is also important for you to know that 40% of your sponsorship will be used for planting trees around the city of Shillong” Winward added.




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