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Tue, 28 Jan 2020

Northeast Today

A place to flex your wings of creativity

A place to flex your wings of creativity
July 19
11:23 2019

NET Bureau

 “Dear Board of Education, We are Bored with Education”

This is nothing but a meme that went viral for quite some time on social media. You laugh when you read it, but ponder when you understand it.

The Education system in India has gone through many transitions since the time of its inception. Yet, it cannot be denied that there’s still room for more changes. We have reached an era where people want to deviate from the ‘conventional’ and aspire to explore something new, stand out in the crowd and pioneer. For these aspirations, what we need is an institution that not only provides qualification but education; an institution that not only answers the questions in the textbook but answers the questions of life.

Since its inception in 2009 as Royal Group of Institutions (RGI), Royal Global University (RGU) has been at the vanguard of imparting education using state-of-the-art pedagogical methods. It turned into a full-fledged autonomous university in 2017. Among the whole gamut of institutions in the Northeast, RGU offers a unique opportunity to explore new, unplumbed vistas for its students. Sitting amidst a scenic setting near Trirupati Balaji Temple on NH 37 the University has produced a large pool of notable alumni who are doing good for themselves as well as giving back to the society. It can be rightly said that the university facilitates students to flex their wings of creativity and optimize their true potential. In this era of cut throat completion, a degree from RGU is a stepping stone towards a future full of opportunities. Eventually, you will gain the knowledge that will make a difference to people’s lives. Yes, in RGU…. YOU will make a difference!

The RGU is highly regarded in the entire Northeast for teaching and academic excellence. The lecturers and tutors have the opportunity to engage with students individually and offer the personalized advice and guidance not available at other larger institutions.

As an avant-garde institution, Royal Global University graduates are future ready and prepared for the demands of the modern workplace. It is committed to providing the best learning environment for the students so they have all the necessary resources to succeed in their studies. Whether it is music, arts, food or sport, RGU has everything that students look for. The University’s assorted range of degrees, student interactions, and learning experiences offer students a one of its kind educational experience and first-rate grounding for their future careers. The University offers RGU offers a treasure-trove of choices including (Architecture, Fashion Designing, Interior designing, Communication Design), Humanities and Social Sciences (Sociology, Social Work, Economics, Anthropology, etc.), Life Sciences (Botany, Zoology, etc.), Bio-Sciences (Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology), Information Technology (BSc IT, BCA, MCA etc.), Hospitality and tourism (Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism, Aviation etc.), JournalismLibrary Science, Fine Arts, Behavioural and Applied Sciences (Psychology, Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology), Language (English Literature), Health Sciences (Pharmacy, Nursing, Physiotherapy), Commerce, Business Administration (BBA, MBA),Applied and Pure Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), Environmental and Earth Sciences (Environmental Science, Geography), Liberal Arts (Political Science, History, Philosophy) etc.

Life in RGU campus is vibrant with much more than just lectures and classrooms. It is also about connecting with new people, developing a network of long-lasting friendship, mounting your skills and your thought process and crafting a happy and healthy life for yourself. The entire RGU campus offer on-campus accommodation, clubs and sporting options. Once you enter the campus of RGU you shall be welcomed by an aura of sophistication and innovation. With more than 27 acres of land spreading up to 12 lakhs square feet, RGU is centrally air-conditioned to provide the students and the a cool and comfortable atmosphere for studies and various other activities.

With the abundance of infrastructure, facilities and top-class faculty, RGU stands out as the all encompassing nucleus for education in the Northeast. RGU ensures that the students not just acquire a degree but transform themselves into versatile individuals ready to face the world.






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