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Mon, 22 Jul 2019

Northeast Today

A Romantic Getaway: Kumarakom

A Romantic Getaway: Kumarakom
May 21
10:37 2018

Bored with your daily mundane life? Are the late-night office presentations, deadlines and targets taking you and your partner away from each other little by little? Well, and then trust me it’s time that you plunge on a romantic trip with your bae. Now comes the most important question, choosing the destination. You definitely want to keep the trip romantic and advisably away from the hustle-bustle of the concrete jungle. Now, what can be better than a choosing a small village on Vembanad Lake, from “God’s own country” – Kerala, itself? This magical place is called Kumarokam – an abode straight out from the postcard.

The first thing you will experience after reaching Kumarokam is “tranquillity and peace”. The hustle bustle of the city life, the honking from the busy streets, all these will seem like a distant nightmare. A couple can choose between staying at a houseboat in Kumarokam and taking a resort which is located near the backwaters itself. The backwaters of Kumarokam will defiantly prove to be a unique experience, especially if staying at a houseboat! This place will act as detoxing agent and refresh your life and relationship giving it a new start. One should know that Kumarokam is well connected from all parts of India by both land and airways. However, in this “cat and mouse race” life, one surely doesn’t want to spend majority of your vacation days in travelling. Hence, airways are the best option to avail to reach Kumarokam (unless you stay at 4 – 5 hours of distance from the place itself). Now, speaking about airways, you must be thinking about the big hole that its ticket cost is going to make in your pocket! But, don’t you fear, when “Go air” is here! “Go air” airlines are one of the low-cost carriers, which can provide you tickets for the same at reasonable rates save your time and avoid making a hole in your pocket. You will also find a number of Goair coupons on the website, which will make your travel further super cheap! Isn’t this exciting? Now, that we have fair reason to consider Kumarokam for our next romantic escape, let us further dig into the attractions of Kumarokam, which are responsible for making it a heavenly abode for all the couples.

Here are the top 5 reasons of why one should choose Kumarokam for its next vacation destination;

  • The serene Beach

Other than the backwaters, a couple can hit the Kumarokam beach – a perfect choice for enjoying the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sun. This is a perfect spot to hit upon if you are looking forward to spending a lazy day surrounded by stunning picturesque scenery, beautiful and clean beach and the crystal blue water. Also, the beach is loaded with exciting adventures activities like snorkelling, parasailing, sea diving, etc. Hence, it wouldn’t take much time to turn your lazy day into an adventurous one.

  • The Enchanting Waterfalls

The next great thing which makes Kumarokam an attractive destination is its enchanting waterfalls. Just a few kilometres away from Kumarokam is the “Aruvikkuzhi” waterfalls. It is the ultimate spot to explore with your better half. This place is not only famous amongst the locals and the tourist but also amongst many film-makers. Hence exploring this amazing and enchanting waterfall is a must while making a visit to Kumarokam. Who knows you might just as well awaken your inner Shahrukh Khan and start wooing your beloved under the waterfall and dance your heart out! Aruvikkuzhi waterfall can also be considered for your adrenaline rush. The lush green landscape’s at the backdrop of this waterfall is the ideal place for trekking and exploring the landscape. One can also check out the rubber plantation in this area.

  • Houseboats at Vembanad lake

Visiting Kumarokam and not experiencing a stay in the houseboat is a big NO! One simply cannot avoid rather should not avoid this ultimate experience. Vembanad Lake, which is 16 km away from Kumarokam, has many houseboats which can be booked by the couple for having this lifetime experience. No doubt this will be far most pleasant and peaceful experience that you will be encountering for a long while. The placid lake, the picturesque background, the silence of the night, the fresh air – this is the closest that you can be to nature! One will most certainly regain their lost inner peace here. Also, this is indeed the ultimate romantic experience which will help you to rekindle your love. For honeymooners, this is indeed a paradise. It just you, your partner with nature by your side – can anything be more romantic? I guess not!

It is also a good idea to visit the lake during the Onam festival. One will witness this serene lake turn into a blast of colors with the snake boats and water regattas and the whole atmosphere being changed into a festive one.

  • Pathiramanal

If you and your partner are amongst the nature lover, then Pathiramanal – also known as the “Sands of Night” is the place for you. This is one of the few destinations that will leave a permanent mark in your heart. It is the home to hundreds of migratory and local birds, making it the perfect spot for a couple to laze around and spend their day under nature’s roof watching the variety of rare birds fly by. One can also engage themselves in other activities like snorkelling, swimming, exploring the beach or simply basking in the sun. As said before, “Pathiramanal” is a paradise for all bird watchers. Around 90 local and 50 species of migratory birds make Pathiramanal their home. Birds such as pintail ducks, common teal, purple heron, monarch flycatcher, cotton pygmy-goose, whiskered tern, etc are found here. Altogether it is a perfect spot to witness the sunset on this secluded island, watch the never ending waves and give a beautiful end to your day. This is indeed a major treat for all of your senses.

  • Ayurvedic Couple Spa

Be it the honeymoon couple or the ones who are stressed with their professional life, “Ayurvedic spa” is something which can come to their rescue and rejuvenate them for a much-needed pampering and relaxation. As already known, Ayurvedic treatment is something which Kerala is known worldwide for centuries. Hence, how can one simply go back without having an Ayurvedic spa here? Now, that will be one heinous crime! And what can be better than experiencing the same with your bae by your side? And that goes literary! Ayurvedic Couple Spa is both fun and relaxing activity. The couple can indulge into this ultimate experience at the same time and get a long, soothing and relaxing message by an expert. There are plenty of luxurious Ayurvedic Resorts in Kumarokam which is solely famous for this. These resorts provide a number of Ayurvedic massage and treatments which at the end of the day will not only heal your body but your soul too! Now, how often does that happen? Rarely. Ayurvedic Couple Spa is hence at the top priority in the “To-Do list” for Kumarokam visit.


Now, that we have listed our top 5 reasons to make Kumarokam as the next romantic gateway, the only thing that is left to do is to book your tickets with Go air coupons (as mentioned earlier), pack your bags, and head out of the door. Oh! And most importantly, don’t forget on tagging in your partner along for the trip, because that was the whole point right? Better still consider surprising your beloved with the romantic trip of Kumarokam at the earliest. Hence, wait no longer and plan off your holiday right away!



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