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Sun, 19 May 2019

Northeast Today

A Royal Retreat

A Royal Retreat
September 18
14:07 2018

August Issue, Travel

What do you look for in a perfect gateway? The dewy landscapes, lush green valleys, giant hill locks and stunning architectural monuments to soothe your soul aren’t the things we look for? Well…better pack your bags and book a ticket to Tripura for your next gateway destination because it’s a fantasy land for nature lovers and history buffs with gigantic mountains, majestic monuments and heritage sites are what make Tripura a dream destination. Jupitora G Momin

First Words

In spite of being the third smallest state in India and also the least explored by the foreign tourists, Tripura offers you with, famous palaces, breathtaking valleys, unexplored forests and majestic mountains, all of which make a perfect land to unwind. Also rich in diverse culture, archaeology, handicrafts, and music are attracted enough to get you to amaze at Tripura. And if you are a lover and admirer of history and prefer visiting palaces then make sure fix a date with Tripura this season and witness the amazing architecture of the state, unwinding a rich history.

Ujjayanta Palace/ State Museum:

If you have dreamt of spending your time in the midst of lush green and a vast royal garden and a stunning palace to soothe your eyes and capture it in your camera, it will come true while you will be at the Ujjayanta Palace, situated in the middle of Agartala. Covering an area of 1 sq km, the palace is housed with many temples. To reach this amazing Palace you don’t have to think much because you can easily reach the place via roads and railways as it is located in the core of the city.

For a history buff, the palace is absolutely awesome to spend time and see the beautiful collection of the priceless pieces which testify the artefacts depicting the culture, tradition, art, and history of Northeast India. Built in 1901, it is known that the palace was a royal residence of the Manikya dynasty. And later it also served as the Tripura Legislative Assembly. The palace was named‘Ujjayanta’by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, who was a regular visitor of Tripura.

The Indo-Saracenic style of the palace and Mughal spacious garden can amaze you with its beautiful architecture. While enjoying the palace, if you are a devotee it’s a good chance for you too to make a visit some temples near the Palace.


Your visit to Tripura will be incomplete if you don’t enjoy the palace which lies in the heart of Rudrasagar Lake. Neermahal meaning “water palace” is one the impressive monuments of Tripura, still displays the splendour of its glorious past and can leave you captivated. Amazing thing is that to reach the palace one has to hop on to the motor boats which gives an awesome and thrilling lifetime experience and the bonus point is that one can also catch the glimpse of migratory birds and the beautiful view of the water place in the Rudrasagar Lake.

Tripura State Museum

History says that the palace was a summer residence of the royal family. Built byMaharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikyain 1930, the palace is a beautiful amalgamation of Hindu and Muslim architecture and the profusion of balconies, pillars, rooms, ornamented walls and pavilions are amazing to see. The experiences that you’ll get in the water palace are something which will always stay with you. These majestic Palaces are what make Tripura a truly princely state of Northeast.

Last Words

These are most exciting palaces to visit while you’re in Tripura. Apart from the palaces, there are also some other historical temples and valleys and wildlife sanctuaries where you can go for spooky adventures. To reach the destination one can opt for flights which ply from important cities and metros to Agartala. One can also take the train from Guwahati to Dharmanagar-Kumarghat. The best time to visit Tripura is October to March. If it’s your first tour to the princely state you can feel it with the excitement once you are in this place.






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