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Tue, 23 Jul 2019

Northeast Today

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever
May 03
15:54 2018

March Edition, Fashion, NET Bureau

Bestowed with achievements, Kiran Boro from Assam, Mrs Exquisite 2017 is recognized as a role model whose works in social upliftment is noted not only on the national but international level as well. Being a style icon, she has boosted up her work remarkably with newer perspectives. Aditi Mech attempts to discern fashion through the eyes of the evergreen diva herself.

Rough Patches

“A passionate soul can adapt oneself in the fashion world; for fashion, as business has a short lifeline. It should be Fashion with Passion,” says Kiran Boro who began her journey as a model two years back. According to her, a person who dreams to be model should be physically and mentally strong.

Of course, there were hurdles in each and every step, but her friend, Manabendra Adhikary, helped her each and every time. She was nominated from Fashion Gurukul in Delhi for Mrs Earth Universe 2017 whose director was Aizya Naaz Joshi. She had only one month time to prepare for the event.

“It was the day when I felt that my dream to extend my work in social activities will come true,” says Boro who had a firm belief that she would gain something from the event, even if she doesn’t win.

She felt energetic being one of the competitors hailing from different countries.

“Experience is essential for earning something,” said Boro sharing her opinion with Northeast Today.

Feathers in the Cap

Boro feels that one who has ‘self-belief’ and ‘self-confidence’ can march ahead in life. Winning the crown is like icing on the cake for Kiran that opened the route for her work in social activities. She is the brand ambassador of Mrs Elite India Global Ambassador and KVK (Krishi Vikas Kendra). She has worked for women empowerment, on environmental awareness programme and also for the growth of agriculture.

“These 10 years I have worked much being Mrs Exquisite and I crave for more,” Boro adds on further.

Apart from this, she was awarded the APJ Abdul Kalam Azad 2016, Nari Shakti Award 2017, Jaycee Navaratha Rathna Puraskar, 2017 and lot more.

Mrs Exquisite 2017


“A woman gets beautiful when her outer beauty compliments, or rather say blends perfectly, with her inner beauty,” Boro says, adding, “I discovered this when I began my tryst with the fashion world.”

On being asked about her favourite outfit, Kiran said, “I like to wear dresses which are fabricated with ethnic designs.”

She further informed that she wore a gown made of ‘Paat’ in Durban, which was designed by Jyoti Kashmiri and some of the western attires designed by Munmi Baruah. When she stood in ‘Dokhona’ with ‘Aronai’ embellished with stones, she was praised by everyone in Durban. Nirmala Basumatary specially designed the dress within a week.

Future Plans

Speaking about her future plans, Mrs Exquisite Kiran Boro says, “Winning the crown doesn’t mean that I would relax and sit at home. I wish to work for the Bodo community. Though the people living in BTAD are improved financially, however, living standards need to be changed in the most of these remote areas. I would also like to work in eliminating the superstitions that still exist in the region.”

Mrs Exquisite


“When a woman feels that her children are independent enough, it is that moment when she should recall her dreams that were left undone. Hence, conducting shows like Mrs Earth Universe plays a vital role for such women who are still longing to achieve something in life. Outside India, even women aged 90 get opportunities to showcase their talents in the fashion and modelling world. I hope, someday India too will organise such fashion shows where age will not be an issue. Modelling can also be a passion for someone, but in the Indian society, modelling is never considered as a passion,” says Boro.


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