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Abhilash Choudhury’s Debut EP ‘Musafir’ Ready for Release

Abhilash Choudhury’s Debut EP ‘Musafir’ Ready for Release
July 27
17:31 2017

Pallabi Dutta Baruah

The young artist from Assam, Abhilash Choudhury, is all set to release his maiden EP Musafir this August.

Born in Goalpara town of Assam, Abhilash is an independent singer, songwriter, lyricist and an excellent composer.

This young talent might have faced some hurdles while shifting to an unknown place from Assam and starting his career in music. But, where there’s a will there’s a way! His craze for music dragged his attention from all the hitches. He is now currently living in Kochi, Kerela. His mother being a trained Hindustani Classical singer, Abhilash was exposed to the world of music at a very young age. At the age of 17, his guitar became his BFF and he gradually engaged himself in writing his own songs.

Musafir delves in the basic nature of individual being a wanderer and a seeker. The songs compiled in the EP exploit the natural instinct of every human which is to love self and to seek for the ultimate truth.

Working on this EP for about a year, Abhilash has kept his love for song writing alive, spends most of his time practising it. He writes his songs in Assamese, Hindi and English. He has tried to combine various genres which have influenced his musicality over the years through this EP. The EP will have elements of acoustic rock, indie pop, indie folk and ambient music.

The first song of his EP, Guzarish, has been released recently and was accompanied by a music video which has received a lot of decisive positive reception during the last few weeks and also has been shared a number of times in social media.

Guzarish is all about being free, loving your own self and staying happy with whatever you have in your life.  Click here for the video 

Apart from it, the very young talented artist draws attention from a range of genres such as indie folk, rock, reggae, blues and funk. His music relies on simple and subtle lyrics which come straight from the heart accompanied by lots and lots of melodic hooks. He also performs solo acoustic sets apart from playing as a full band.


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