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Wed, 11 Dec 2019

Northeast Today

Alarming rise of Unemployment in Nagaland

Alarming rise of Unemployment in Nagaland
July 03
11:50 2019

NET Bureau

 A land of varied cultural heritage and innumerable natural resources with a very high concentration of minerals which also has a high potential for tourism, doesn’t it sound confident enough to describe a state’s hypothetical economy and the state of employment? Well, Nagaland is the state we are referring to here. However, diving back to reality, the current scenario would vastly differ with our hypothetical estimations regarding its state of employment. Deepanti Lahon presents a report.


First words:

Nagaland is one of those states of our nation where 89.1 percent of its total population is tribal and has the highest rate of unemployment among all northeastern states. In the year 2016, 70422 educated unemployed youths were registered in the life register of the Department of Labor & Employment, Nagaland. We can only imagine, after three years what could be the number of the recorded and the unrecorded unemployed youth of the state.

Nagaland has a high literacy rate of 80.11 percent as per 2011 census. The majority of the population in the state can speaks English, which is the official language of the state.

Although the state has facilitated technical and medical education to its youth, the majority of its population resort to agriculture for livelihood and thousands remain unemployed. The reason could be stated as the lack of job opportunity and depending solely on conventional jobs. The alarming increase in the number of educated unemployed has become a matter of concern which needs to be addressed at the earliest.


The studies:

It is required to bring to notice that as per a study conducted by the Directorate of Evaluations, Government of Nagaland, the Non-Naga population has a higher rate of annual income than the educated and uneducated natives. The survey also indicated that income levels of many unskilled Non-Naga employees are higher than that of many government employees in the state who are mostly native. The study, however, does not imply that the Non-Naga population has seized all the employment opportunities in the state; instead it suggests that the natives are lagging behind to grab their opportunity in alternative sectors that can generate employment.












In search of a solution:

Without employment or a reliable earning source, the youth is more likely to resort to easy and negative ways to support their livelihood and their families if they are not introduced to adequate guidance. Hence, it is certain that the rate of crime is also likely to increase. However, there are measures to control such harsh social issues and the first one is to find a solid way where in the mindset of the youth could be changed for the better and they are directed to become contributing members of the society through active participation and involvement in various productive work.


To be able to address the issue of rapid increase of educated unemployment rate, the government needs to step in with some stern measures. It is the utmost need of the hour that the youth of Nagaland are provided with alternatives to the government jobs that is outnumbered by the unemployed population. The state should take some schemes to impart various training programs on skill development and entrepreneurship. Initiatives to provide training courses in retail, entrepreneurship, hospitality, tourism etc would certainly enable the youth to become self-reliant and productive.



One of the root causes of rise in educated unemployment in Nagaland is the inability of the youth and the people of Nagaland to look beyond the conventional employment sectors. It is important to provide exposure so that the youth is able to venture into new areas of employment rather than depending on the Government for job opportunities.

A change in the work culture and efforts to bring out entrepreneurial spirit among the unemployed youth is a must needed approach at this time. With adequate efforts by the government and people of Nagaland including the youth themselves, hopefully, the state of unemployment is dealt with all seriousness before it’s too late.


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