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Tue, 22 May 2018

Northeast Today

Alva’s Popular Hangout Business Venture in Tura

Alva’s Popular Hangout Business Venture in Tura
April 22
12:16 2017

March Edition, Statewide Meghalaya, NET Bureau, Saidul Khan

Dr Alva B Sangma, a journalist turned entrepreneur ventured out with a unique concept to provide scope for the youth to hang out and engage. Her venture – “Quick Bites Karoake Lounge”, which has just completed a year has become a popular coffee and food joint.

For most youth in Tura town of Meghalaya looking out for a place to hang out in their free time was a nearby riverside. Thanks to Quick Bites Karoake Lounge (QBKL), the youth now has the option to step in at their very own popular coffee and food joint, a place they call their second home. Youths, who frequent the lounge says that it is a perfect place to hang out with friends and loved one.

It is not just about coffee and food at Quick Bites.

As the very name of the joint suggest, the youth also has a platform to perform and croon to their best numbers as the owner of the joint Alva makes every guest at QBKL feel at home with her friendly nature.

“I decided to start QBKL considering lack of hang out places for the youth of this town, who end up going to riverside”, said Alva, an enthusiasts motorists, who holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in oral Garo literature. For Alva, QBKL is a place for all age groups particularly the youth to engage amongst their peers and spend quality time.

“Teens favourite way to spend their time is hanging out with friends. Music and good food add pleasure to this experience and with this very idea, I decided to do sometime which satisfy my passion and provides a space for the youth who had no option”, she quips.

Alva explains that youth are exposed to globalized society and craves for such lifestyle and in absence of a conducive atmosphere they could become prone to difficulty situations. “At QBKL, youth can spend quality time, read books and relax. Karaoke and theme parties, which are held frequently provides youth ample opportunity and a lifestyle they crave for watching movies and seeing the world around them”, she added.

She has set a trend in Tura by responding to the interest of the youth and has generated business for her venture.

Propagating a social message

“It is important that youth captivates their energy in creative expression”, said Alva, elaborately explaining that many youth take to the riverside for hangout to engage themselves in alcoholic drinks.

“I want our youth to know we can still have fun sans alcohol. These days our youth think without alcohol people can’t have fun but here at QBKL we don’t serve alcohol. It is clean fun”.

She tells that many people had suggested her to provide alcoholic drinks at the lounge but she flatly refused as she feel that the youth needs to spend quality time minus alcoholic drinks.

“As an elder, it is a responsibility upon us to guide our next generation to have a wider perspective of the world. A club or disco for youth may give business but it is important to create a healthy society”, Alva added, while stressing that even without alcohol people can have fun.

“I see many youth going to the riverside drinking because they have nowhere else to go. Hence drunken driving, accidents and what not happens. This is my noble effort to give people an alternative place to hang out. We have lots of photo props for the guest who loves taking photos”, Alva emphasised.

The Grit and Power of a Woman

Alva apart from engaging the guest sends out a clear message to the youth on the importance of dignity of labour. “I want the youth to know the importance of dignity of labour. That’s why at QBKL, I do everything myself with my staff, from making coffee to cleaning table, taking orders, etc”.

She also wants to propagate a message to her guest that no job is big or small.

“People shouldn’t be ashamed to do work, as long as you are doing work, any kind of work! Rather than feeling shy to do the job considered small. I believe in equality. I do everything a man could do or even more”


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