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Amazing Things to Do in Northeast India

Amazing Things to Do in Northeast India
May 06
12:56 2017

Amir Rehan

Located in the scenic valleys of Himalayas, Northeast India is quite unique from the rest of the country. The region has a wide array of options for those who love travelling and prefer trying out something to do while they travel to new places.

If you are keen to explore around, there are many things on offer in the form of some breathtaking treks, rafting, Jungle safari and so on. The options are endless. Let’s pick out 5 spectacular things to do when you visit the Northeast.

1. Go for a Yak Safari – Sikkim:



Yak Safari is one of the most unique things you can try out while you’re in Sikkim. You can select to embark on an amazing Yak Safari experience from Chopta Valley or Tsomgo.

It is a different kind of thrill that you should definitely try out.

2. Visit Majuli – Assam:



Majuli is basically a River Island in the state of Assam and it holds the record for the largest River Island in the world. It is one magical place with a lot of history to it. Garmur and Tengapania are some of the main attractions out here.

3. Checkout Ancient Scriptures of Tawang Monastery – Arunachal Pradesh:



Tawang Monastery is one of the largest in the world with its stunning views. It is home to about 450 monks and this famous monastery was built during the 17th century.

Been there, yet?

4. Boat Rides at Umngot River, Dawki – Meghalaya:



If you are a fan of boat rides, this should be the place for it. The river has absolutely transparent and clear waters which is a photographer’s delight. And yes, the river bed is loaded with pebbles and it is at some points quite deep.

5. A Tryst with History at Neer Mahal – Tripura:



Neer Mahal is also known as the Lake Palace of Tripura. The palace is one of the largest of its kind in the country and it consists of architecture of Islamic and Hindu elements. Additionally, it has 24 rooms and an open air theatre.
Now, that is something ROYAL!

So, these are the 5 cool things you should do when you visit Northeast India.


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