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Sat, 24 Aug 2019

Northeast Today

Another River Tragedy strikes Manipur, Takes Three Lives

Another River Tragedy strikes Manipur, Takes Three Lives
June 04
11:30 2019

Kaybie Chongloi

Manipur is yet to forget the tragic river incident that claimed the precious lives of some youths at Maphou Dam recently, which quivered the entire administration of the state including the Chief Minister’s office. Yet, another similar river tragedy struck the state on May 29 at the Barak River taking three precious lives and causing six siblings parentless in a short moment.

However, the Barak river tragedy could hardly get the attention of few good Samaritans in the social media and is yet to hit the newsstand except few posts in WhatsApp and Facebook groups and the worst part is the Government looks as if they are never aware of the incident.

It was on May 29 that the tragic incident occurred at Barak River which is considered as the largest fresh river in the state when poor Manglengou Singson and his wife Lhaikholhing Singson along with their eldest daughter Themngailhing Singson lost their precious lives while picking river snail on the river.

The poor couple from Kaimai village under Tousem Sub Division in Tamenglong district had seven children including their eldest daughter who lost her lives along with them in the river. Now, the other six minor siblings including the youngest two who are born twins, aged about 2 years become orphan after river Barak takes their parents and eldest sister lives.

The deceased couple family’s main livelihood depends on the selling of River Snail which they usually collect from Barak River. As usual, Manglengou Singson went to Barak River for a routine River Snail gathering/picking on May 27 and two days later, on May 29 his wife and eldest daughter went along with him to the Barak River to join him in collecting the River Snail.

However, later that day a group of River Snail pickers from the same village saw the lifeless body of the mother floating in the river. On further enquiry, it was later established that the father and their eldest daughter were also missing. Subsequently, a search party was formed immediately and as the search for their whereabouts begin their lifeless bodies were reportedly found after two days on May 31.

The minor six siblings left abandoned by the poor couple and their eldest daughter are Nemneivah Singson (12); Nemjemkim Singson (10); Lhingthanghoi  Singson (8); Lalmunsang Singson (5) and the twins Chongngaihoi  Singson and Chongngaisang Singson, both around 2 years.

Condemnation poured in from various social media users in various WhatsApp and Facebook groups posting and sharing their pain and sorrow over the incident as well as condemning the alleged ‘irresponsible act’ of Manipur Government in remaining silent spectators so far.

Reportedly, Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi (KKL) Jiribam Branch under the aegis of KKL-GHQs is doing crowdfunding in various social media groups for the poor children who are destined to continue their life without their parents under the eldest among them who is just 12 years old only.

The six minor heartbreaking siblings are calling the attention of the Ministers, MLAs, local Governmental authorities and the concerned departments and they also deserve the attention of the state Government immediately without further delay by extending an ex-gratia as compensation to the victims and security of the six siblings.



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