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Mon, 25 Jun 2018

Northeast Today

Archita Ray: Hatching Success

Archita Ray: Hatching Success
April 20
13:02 2017

March Edition, Statewide Tripura, NET Bureau, Pinaki Das

Owned and run by a woman, M/S Kanup Hatchery in Amtali is one of the first private hatcheries in the state of Tripura. Northeast Today brings to you the success story Archita Ray, a woman entrepreneur, who defying all odds, has made her mark in a male dominated field of business.

Earlier except a small government hatchery at Gandhigram, Tripura has been totally dependent on the state of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal for importing poultry. Chickens used to come via air from Kolkata and was irregular in supply and expensive.

But a young women entrepreneur, taking a tough challenge, started the first private hatchery in this small Northeastern state and is successfully running it for the last 20 years.

Archita Ray, then a young arts graduate full of zeal to do something on her own, instead of the general attitude to get a government job, chose to start her own hatchery in the state as there was no privately owned hatcheries in the state then.

In 1997 initially under the entrepreneurship development scheme of NEECON, Ray took a few months of training in the government hatchery and with a government loan of Rs 5 lakh, started her hatchery.

The journey was not smooth for Archita and it took around five years to get the total loan amount. After the first installment of Rs 1.5 lakh, she had to wait for three years and fight for the second installment as one of the official felt running a successfully poultry business is not the work of a woman.

During those days, Ray was dependent on others as she was new but with passing of time she gathered enough experience and never looked back.

“After completion of my entrepreneurship training, I had chosen hatchery as there is no hatchery in sector private in the state and there is only one small government hatchery. The chickens mainly come here by flight from Kolkata and so I thought that if I can do this project I will be successful. Since I had always wanted to do something of my own and not go for government jobs, I did the training and started my own hatchery,” said Archita adding, “Initially it was a tough struggle as I was not aware where I can get the eggs, hens or the machineries. The veterinary doctors helped me and gradually I came to know everything after I started.”

She thanks her family, especially her mother who had given her total moral support in her project despite various hurdles and many social obligations when a woman tries to something new.

Initially her machine was small and had monthly hatching capacity of only 2500 chicks. In the second phase it was increased to 13,500. With the success of the hatchery she was able to repay her government loan and then again in 2007, she took another loan of Rs 19,47,000 from the State Bank of India to further increase hatching capacity of her unit by installing the latest hatching machineries.

At present her unit’s total monthly production is three lakh chicks and is in a good position. She has given direct employment to eight others including few from outside the state.

Archita claims that with the improving situation and decreasing of insurgency in Tripura, demand for chicks have gone several times higher. This has also seen hundreds of poultry farms having come up as employment source throughout the state especially in the remote rural areas. With the improving situation, Archita’s business has also increased several folds and with increasing profit she was able to repay back her loan amount back to the bank on time.

However, there are ups and downs in the business. In the recent past, there have been several attacks of bird flu in the state of Tripura which directly affected the hatchery business. Inspite of all these, Archita’s business has grown during the past years.

Today Archita is a successful entrepreneur. Probably, she is one of the lone woman hatchery farm owners in the region and an inspiration to many others. Archita Ray proves that “where there is a will, there is a way”.


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