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Assamese Brew Gets the Heritage Tag

Assamese Brew Gets the Heritage Tag
May 10
17:16 2017

Local brew from Assam gets the heritage recognition. The alcoholic beverage is generally extracted from fermented fruits and grains using traditional methods.

However, few conditions are attached for the manufacture of the beverage to ensure quality. The alcohol percentage cannot exceed the 12 percent norm per volume, use of transparent glass, pet bottles should be ensured and other cleanliness and health objectives are few of the quality measures to be taken. Every batch will be sample tested chemically in order to ensure the quality before human consumption.

The license for establishing heritage alcoholic beverage manufactory will be issued by the Excise Department. Whereas, the license to establish microbrewery or a retail shop will be issued by the deputy commissioner in coordination with the Excise Commissioner.

The license fees for retail outlet, microbrewery, wholesale and manufactory will be rs 5,000, Rs 10,000, Rs 15,000 and Rs 25,000 consecutively.


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