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Mon, 21 Oct 2019

Northeast Today

Bakester Yielding Happiness

Bakester Yielding Happiness
August 18
12:39 2019

In a world of 10/12 working hours, when you have the comfort to do anything that you are good at or you enjoy doing; and you are being paid for it that offers a great amount of flexibility! Entrepreneurs have redefined the growth of India’s economy, as nearly 15 million people are living this dream in India, according to the Freelancer Incomes around the World Report 2018.

This Guwahati based Kaku Mudoi Saikia is one of them. She is monetizing her love for baking and fashion. Kristi Borah meets this entrepreneur for a tête-à-tête.

KB: Before going directly to Mumma Bakes and Chic Route, we would like to know about the founder. So, tell our readers about yourself.
Kaku: I’m born in Majuli, the world’s heritage place, its rich culture provided me all the inspiration I needed in my growing up years. But, there was always a desire to do something more professional, not as a career choice, but to pursue excellence.
I have always liked cooking and used to help my mother in the kitchen whenever I could. I’m a happy go lucky girl, love to dance. Presently I’m staying in Guwahati with my husband and my daughter

KB:How do you manage your schedule as a home baker, handling an online clothing site and being a mom at the same time?
Kaku : I maintain a notebook and jot down the things need to be done on priority basis. I believe a thorough planning at the onset makes my work a lot easier

KB: Please share with us your journey so far as a home-baker.
Kaku: So far so good, I’m happy with what I have learned and catered in last one year. For me home baking is no more an experimental side business, it’s a serious stuff, I have given my time, sweat and energy, endless hours of work, learning and managing everything, consistent effort and betterment in every step. I have a lot to learn, a lot to improve.



KB: Your expedition as an entrepreneur must be a challenging one. How did you overcome the challenges?
Kaku: Definitely, the moment you decide to be an entrepreneur is the moment you sign yourself up for a life of troubleshooting. But I’m a very positive person, my positivity and dedication towards work help me sail through the bad phase without much difficulty.

KB: Do you think the young generation should focus on these alternative forms of livelihood than concentrating only on jobs?
Kaku: Absolutely! I think you need to enjoy what you do. Craft your own career, rather than relying on some other’s dream.

KB: What is the initial expenditure to start an online clothing site?
Kaku: Depends, if you are referring only the storefront then I would say it should cost you not more than 10k

KB: Social media is an important tool for marketing. Why do you think few people hesitate to use these ways of making money? How profitable are these?
Kaku: Really I do believe that social media is the fastest and most powerful tool of marketing. However, I have met and seen certain people who aren’t very comfortable with the idea that people might say things they cannot control or sometimes even unfamiliarity causes fear and hesitation. Coz, majority of the users who are into business fall in the 35-40 catagory, but having a Facebook or an insta account doesn’t necessarily qualify as social media savvy.

KB: Let us know your perspective on women empowerment and your advice as a young entrepreneur for aspirant entrepreneurs.
Kaku: Women empowerment is not about fighting men but rather it is on encouraging women to rise up and fight for their rights.

My advice for the women out there aspiring to be entrepreneurs, Do what you love, choose something that you can wake up every day and would love to work on. Because it’s going to be tough. It’s going to be harder than other people make it seem on social media and you need to have something to hang on to while you put in the work. Both passion and patience are the key.





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