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Sat, 20 Oct 2018

Northeast Today

Beyond Contemporary Choir

Beyond Contemporary Choir
November 21
14:33 2017

October Edition, Music, NET Bureau, Partha Prawal

Conducted by Steven Lalsangliana Ralte, Mizo Cardinal Choir (MCC) over the years has created a niche for itself in the world of (choir) music from Northeast. Its Rubaroo rendition is one of the most talked about performances online. In conversation with Northeast Today, MCC director Zodingliana speaks at length about MCC’s journey so far

Unfolding MCC Story

Mizo Cardinal Choir (MCC) was born out of a genuine desire of a group of Mizo singers and music lovers to create a choir with a slightly different route rather than the more contemporary (church) music and standing choirs (found in the state). It is a gospel choir founded (by C Zodingliana (Citea)) in 2012 with a dream of having the kind of choir that would produce the kind of music, which would be appreciated by music lovers from across the globe.

The choir has talented members who are driven by the desire to open doors for Mizo people and music lovers. Their strength lies in the fact that even under dire circumstances, all members dutifully make themselves available for practice sessions and other programmes organised by the choir.

In most choirs, the voice is the most dominant and the most important instrument of sound. It is an unfiltered, unadulterated sound from the person itself and that makes it personal and distinct from other sound that may be produced through manmade instruments. MCC aims to develop that vocal sound by learning and practicing various genres and styles of music.

Mizo Cardinal Choir

Choir Scene in Northeast

In Northeast India, choir has been an important part of the communal and religious life of the people. Unfortunately over the years it had been limited to that. Mizo Cardinal Choir wishes to break away from that norm and simultaneously develop its role in the communal and religious spheres of the community. Different types of music had its impact on different types of people and the choir aims to reach to as many people as possible. The choir wish not to be fixated on a single style of music but wish to adapt and perform music as wide as the Baroque to the contemporary music.

Rubaroo & Beyond

In 2015, a team of Bollywood Republic sent the proposal to MCC to promote a new channel called ‘Bindaas Play’. With this team, MCC worked for ‘Rubaroo’ from the movie Rang De Basanti with live music recording. The song was arranged jointly by the team and MCC members. It was a wonderful experience. Apart from ‘Rubaroo’, MCC has also done renditions of ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’ ‘Give Me Some Sunshine’, and ‘Vande Mataram’. The online videos have been appreciated by many. Performing with various artists and for various enterprises is an honour and delight in its own way. Performing with or for any person- professional or an amateur- is always a new experience.

Power of Music

Music has a great effect on people, and if we could promote choral/choir singing in our own community, then imagine the change and good we can bring about. Choral singing can promote communal harmony. If we promote community singing and choir development, we can ensure the harmony among communities to a great extent. After all, music makes us cry, music makes us jump for joy, music comforts us, and developing that emotional part of our life should be of great importance in our busy and struggling world.


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