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Tue, 22 May 2018

Northeast Today

Blogging: Aglstyle

Blogging: Aglstyle
February 27
16:27 2017

January Edition, Fashion, Net Bureau

A business graduate from Middlesex University Dubai, Abigail started blogging during her university days and has been blogging on fashion under the name AglStyle from the last 3 years. Abigail dreams to make Northeast—the fashion capital of India.

With the innovation of social networking sites, blogging has become increasingly popular among the youngsters as it is a way of expressing opinions and reshaping our notions on different issues. Fashion blogging is one such kind of blogs which inspires the youngsters, as these blogs cover different aspects of fashion industry, clothing and lifestyle. Fashion blogs today have become highly popular and started influencing the youngsters. Realising its importance, many youngsters have today come forward to take up fashion blogging as their profession and became fashion bloggers. Abigail George Lama, is such an example, who amidst her busy work schedule as a marketing and administrative manager in a multistate cooperative in Sikkim, has been successfully running a fashion blog for last three years now.

Abigail, a 22- year-old young creative mind from Gangtok started the personal blog under the domain name aglstyle.com, three years back. In an exclusive chat with NET, Abigali has shared what inspired her to take up the job, about her future plan, about current fashion trends and some other related things.

NET: What made you start a fashion blog?

Abigail: I started my blog during my university days. The main element that pushed me to start a fashion blog was my keen interest in design and its uninhibited power of self-expression.

NET: Share something about your fashion blog ‘aglstyle’.

Abigail: Aglstyle is a personal fashion blog where I curate minimal and chic outfit inspirations. Sometimes, I blog on giving tips such as “six ways to make your outfit look expensive” and sometimes I blog on outfits attached with everyday moods.

NET: We have learnt that you have some by-products also, tell something about that.

Abigail: Gail Clothing is a by-product of aglstyle. Although I haven’t done any fashion designing course, with the help of my mom, who is a designer, I have been able to launch my clothing line. During the summer of 2014, I had also launched a Capsule Collection with the help of my friends.

NET: Tell us something about your facebook page, “The Darling Writer”. What is the main objective behind starting this page?

Abigail: The Darling Writer is a community on facebook which is dedicated to upcoming poets and writers. It was launched four months back with a handful of friends and well-wishers as our first content contributors. At present we have more than 15 contributors with majority of them hailing from Sikkim. The aim behind starting this community was when I saw my friends post their poems and prose on different social media platforms, I wanted to create a place where they could portray their work of art to a particular audience who has similar interest. The community is doing amazing things. Last month we were a part of Gangtok’s first Spoken Word Poetry event called the Soup Sessions, hosted by the Artem Magazine.

NET: As Northeast is considered to be a fashion capital of India, do you have any plan to start a fashion website on Northeast?

Abigail: Since I am quite occupied with other commitments, so far I have not planned to start a fashion website on Northeast but I would like to work to make Northeast the fashion capital of India.

NET: What are your inspiration?

Abigail: My source of inspiration varies according to my interest but in a holistic point of view it would be my parents.

NET: Besides, blogging what you like to do in your free time?

Abigail: Besides blogging, I like to bake, read articles, create flat-lays for my Instagram and half of the time you can find me hooked on pinterest!

NET: We have learnt that you also help your father in his business? How do you manage the both?

Abigail: Yes, I have been working with my father for a year now. Since the management is styled like a startup, so at times it gets quite difficult. I manage to juggle things by maintaining a todo list, drinking lots of coffee and avoiding TV!

NET: What message you want to give to youths of Northeast?

Abigail: We all know the atrocities we face as Northeasterns so I do not want to highlight those and ask the young Northeasterners to work towards refuting them. I would rather urge my friends to use their talent to meet the needs of our society, embrace their uniqueness and be quintessentially Northeastern!

Trends to look out for in 2017

The current trends on the fashion radar would be velvet textures in emerald green, blush and gemstone colors for the festive season, lots of suede – boots, bags, jackets! Also, Faux Fur Coats in bright colours will be a most coveted winter staple. Mother of Substance.


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